six, almost seven months

Miss Greta Jo is almost 7 months old! I want to say that it has flown by, but holy cow it has also gone so slow. Greta is a happy baby that is almost always chilling on the sidelines while her sisters are playing some crazy game. I'm sure once she starts getting moving she will be joining in on the craziness.

Loves -  Her sisters. Baths (until she has to get out). Going out and about. Banana, raspberry and oat squeezy. She likes standing and walking (not too thrilled about tummy time).

Sleeps - Sometimes through the night, but usually up once around 5am.

Wears - 9-12 month clothing. She's definitely tall like her sisters!

Happy 4th birthday!

Happy Birthday to the coolest 4-year old I know! 

The moment your little sister was born was the moment I started worrying about our new middle child. You went from being the baby in the family to the glue that sticks the Ostrum sisters together. You've matured so much this year! You remember everything and even if we don't always know what you are talking about (otters = prairie dogs), you always end up being right.

We're so excited to see where your 4th year takes you!

the update

Hey, good morning! How are you?

Thanks for joining me!

Sorry I've been a little MIA lately. Work has been super crazy and I swear I was sick more than I was healthy in January. I did actually write a draft post about how crappy being a working mom was, but I decided not to publish it. It was a bit self-indulgent and who really wants to read about someone complaining? Not me!

I did want to share that I've been on track with my 2019 resolutions. The most important one was about not buying any new clothes this year. So far so good! I think for me it has been a lesson in managing stressful situations. I think I was using buying new things as a way to make me happy when life was getting too overwhelming. So, now when I get that urge I am able to recognize it and then think about why I feel that way.

I've definitely have had to reevaluate my existing clothes, especially ones that are starting to wear out. I bought some patches the other day and I'm going to see if it's possible to patch leggings. I predict an epic failure, but it's worth a shot.

I honestly don't know if I'll make it 12 months, mostly for practical purposes. But I am learning things about myself and definitely trying to consume less.

Eating healthy is a win most days and an epic failure other days. Chris has been on a Zone diet eating challenge at his gym, so we've been eating more vegetables as a family. Also, we've just been trying to vary our vegetables a lot more. As it turns out, I really like roasted broccoli. Who knew?!

Working out has been a joke. I've been having issues with my knee, so I haven't really been able to do much. I've tried to run a few times, but I just end up having a really swollen knee for about a week. I swear to god, 35 hit me like a brick wall. Or maybe it was the third kid? I'm not sure. Either way, my body seems to have given up.

Well, there's the update. I plan to keep you updated as the year progresses. I should plan a big reward at the end of the year if I make it. I'll need to think about that...

I'd like

Here are a few things I've been eyeing lately. Take a look and let me know what you like!