screen time reports

Hello over there! Are you on hour 5 of staring at your phone for the day? 

Probably my favorite meme or joke about this coronavirus pandemic has been about telling your phone to lay off on the screen time usage notifications. Yes, we are all staring at our phone WAY more than we used to. What else is there to do? And also that is how we figure out how messed up the world is right now!!

Anyway, we are doing pretty good over here still in Colorado. I just checked and we are on day 17 of being at home (Chris is at day 14 after the gym closed). Chloe starts her school back up again on Wednesday. That will be our next big transition, figuring out how to keep her attentive on schoolwork while her sisters are bee-bopping around. I mean, it is only first grade and I'm sure every other parent is struggling too. I'm not too concerned about it overall. Chloe loves school and will really enjoy getting back into her studies.

Colorado coronavirus cases are above 2300. We have definitely not 'flattened the curve' yet, but it does seem that our neighborhood is following the Governors orders and staying at home. There are far fewer cars on the road and folks seem to be staying home except for going on walks. My parents live in Idaho and have been noticing the same around them. They are also staying at home except for trips to the grocery store. I would prefer they stay at home and order groceries but so far they have been ignoring that request. I think they are waiting until it gets worse before they do that. It's boring staying at home all the time. It's totally understandable.

On a lighter note, I've been running a lot more! No gyms are open, so it's either do a crossfit workout with my husband or get outside and run for an hour. I've mostly been choosing the run outside option. Today I ran 5.5 miles! That's very long distance for me. I'm excruciatingly slow, but I do get home eventually. :)

My goal this week is to really focus on work. I'm working on a renewable energy startup with a former coworker. Once things start churning a bit more (and we have funding), I'll share more about our company. Right now it's keeping me busy and giving me something to look forward too! Which is THE best thing for surviving a pandemic in my opinion.

Have a good rest of your day and put your phone down! 

stay at home

Hello again!

It's been about a week since I last checked in and my what a week it has been!

Yesterday afternoon the Governor of Colorado declared an emergency Stay At Home Order. That basically means unless you are a necessary business you must be closed and everyone must stay home unless you need to go to the grocery store or the doctor or outside for exercise. This went into affect this morning at 6am and will be in place until April 11th.

Colorado now has over 1000 cases of coronavirus, though we all know there are many more cases because it is very hard to actually get a test unless you are elderly or have a pre-existing health condition.

Coronavirus cases are still on the rise across the world. Pretty much every country is dealing with it and shutting in businesses and trying to keep people in their homes. The hope is that if we can all keep our distance for a few weeks than cases should start dropping and we can eventually get back to some sense of normalcy.

So far being at home hasn't been too terribly bad. The kids (other than fighting more) have been doing well also. Chris has been missing his gym time, but he did purchase a rowing machine to help stay active. Everyone is sharing free workouts online also, so there are tons of resources for staying fit right now.

Yesterday I felt very fatigued and was worried I had somehow caught the virus. Today I am feeling back to normal, so maybe my body just needed a rest from the craziness. I think the worrying has been far worse than the actual staying at home part.

Chloe starts home school next week. It will be interesting trying to juggle work, school, and 2 other kids not in school. It's going to be a mess, but we'll get it figured out.

I hope you are doing well wherever you are!

snowstorm rolling in

This photo was from a couple weeks ago, but seems appropriate because tomorrow we are supposed to get a bunch of snow again. It's been beautiful the past few days with sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. This rapid change in weather is typical for this time of year in Denver.

I am a bit nervous about the snow storm keeping us inside more in the coming days. I think fresh air and exercise is really the best antidote to these crazy times. We still have our snow pants and shovels lying around somewhere, so we won't have a very good excuse to do either. AND Chloe can have her hot chocolate for another day this spring. She has this funny thing where she gets to have hot chocolate after she comes in from the cold during a snow storm. It's cute.

How are you? 

I kind of maxed out my anxiety levels this weekend and I've been pretty chilled out the past few days. I am still reading the news a lot and making sure we are all staying home and away from people as much as possible. The fridge and pantry are both stuffed with good food to eat, which definitely helps me stay more comfortable with the situation.

Our nanny has still been coming since I am still doing job searching/fundraising during the day. Next week was supposed to be spring break and our nanny has the week off. I'll have less time to myself and to work/workout, so I might be in a less cheerful mood this time next week.

The coronavirus (or COVID-19) cases in Colorado have yet to be reported for today. Yesterday we were at a 183 cases and we've been warned that the cases will keep rising in the coming days as test results are returned. So far our county has 0 cases, but we are surrounded by counties with multiple cases. If everyone stays home, like they are supposed too, hopefully we can keep our county at 0. 

That's it for today from Colorado. Keep up the hand washing! 

sidewalk chalk art

Hey there! Hope you are doing well today and that you are staying home as much as possible. We're on day 5 here. Yesterday the Governor of Colorado told restaurants, bars, gyms, and casinos to close for the next 30 days. Restaurants can still deliver to provide food for pick up. 

I saw this funny little chalk drawing on a driveway on my jog yesterday. What struck me was the fact that young kids are definitely aware of this virus and a global events.

On a lighter note, I hope you are all finding some peace amongst the chaos. We have been doing a lot of yoga around here which has been helping keep us all healthy and grounded and kids less crazy. :P