happy halloween

I hope everyone is having a festive Halloween today!  I've seen lots of kids and adults in costumes so far this morning, so it seems like the Halloween spirit is alive and well here in Montana.

We don't have any big plans for this evening.  Yesterday we did a little trick or treating at my office and Chloe got to experience asking strangers for candy.  Or in her case, staring at them until they are so uncomfortable they just give her a handful.  My daughter is hesitant around strangers, but will talk your ear off once she knows you.  She's got a good case of stranger danger going on.

Here are a few photos from our adventure yesterday.  We started out with an Elsa like dress from Walmart (thanks to moving, my holiday prep this year was horrible).  It was scratchy, cheap dress that kept falling off her shoulders.  So instead, Amazon delivered a nice furry Elmo suit this week that everyone liked a little better.  Chloe did pretty well except for keeping the Elmo hood on (as seen below).  

Once she had to put the hood on, her look of disgust was too funny not to capture.  I'm sure she's telling me off in her head.

After we gave her a sucker, her mood rapidly improved.  Unfortunately, that little blue sucker had her wound up for hours.  She has only had one other sucker in her life, so her little toddler body isn't used to so much refined sugar.  I'm glad now that we don't give her any candy, we'll try and keep that going as long as we can!

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