Eastern Idaho State Fair

It's about time I get around to posting a few photos from our Labor Day weekend festivities. This week has flown by, so that's why this hasn't arrived until Thursday. I'm sure ready for another long weekend (Thanksgiving??)...

Our little family took Friday off and drove to Idaho to visit my parents and go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Which as far as fairs go, it is definitely the best one that I've been too (sorry Montana and Colorado). I'm probably a bit partial since I grew up going to this fair, but I can still vouch for it's awesomeness.  Of course my definition of a great fair is: 1) lots of animals that you can pet, feed, and ride; 2) great fair food; 3) awesome commercial booths (with free balloons for the kids); 4) lots of rides; 5) and great 4-H and local artisan exhibits.

So to help convince you, and to show you our favorite stops, here are a few photos from our adventures.

the eyes on a jersey cow are so big, and so pretty

the pigs were kind of my favorite

this girl was SO excited to ride that pony, pure glee really

Elinor saw the sights from her front pack

holy moly these pumpkins were huge

my Dad won a blue ribbon for one of his photos, he's a pretty amazing photographer

my parents showed us a good time and Chloe was thrilled with all the balloons we were able to find

until next year!

I know it's Thursday, (which is so close to Friday that it's almost as exciting) but holy cow, this week has been rough! I'm ready for the weekend...

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