happy campers

Happy Thursday everyone! I've been sitting on these pictures all week and just haven't found any time to post them. A short week in the office usually means that there is twice as much work to do and one less day to get it all done. Organizing these pictures from our weekend of camping and hanging out in the mountains, definitely has me longing for the weekend.

On Friday, we loaded up our (very, very) full car and drove up into the Beartooth Mountains to spend 4 days camping with some family. If any of you follow me on snapchat (sportschiq) you would have seen the tale of us trying to pack everything into our SUV. I'm usually the innocent bystander in the packing department, so I was thoroughly impressed when my husband managed to pack everything we needed and a dog into the back of our Escalade. We were tent camping, so we had to bring everything four people would need. This was also the first time camping as a family of four, so we probably overpacked a smidge.

Overall, it was a smashing success. The girls both had a blast wandering around camp with their cousins (well, second cousins) and following all the action that happens when 17 people are all camping together. It was a large group of us, but everyone took turns cooking and we all had our own space to sleep at night, so it didn't seem like too many people.

We got to go on a couple hikes and do a little fishing. There was also just a lot of hanging out by the fire. Unfortunately, I had to spend a lot of time in the tent at night because one or the other of the girls needed me there to fall asleep. I mostly read in our tent at night, but everyone else played games or chatted.

I was a little nervous to sleep outside in 40-degree weather with our sleeping bags and blankets. Elinor is only 1.5 years old and normally sleeps in a crib. She rolls around her crib all night and never keeps a blanket on her. Luckily, or miraculously, I was able to keep her tucked into her sleeping bag most of the night and usually only had to wake up once or twice to squish her back in and cover her up with extra blankets.

In all honesty, it was pretty neat to have us all in one tent, snuggled up together. The last night we were there it rained and thundered outside our little green tent. Listening to the rain plop and hearing my little girls snoring away was a really beautiful moment. We made some really great memories.

Here is a slightly filtered, rather terrible family photo we took. It's the best I could find! Everyone was always traipsing around and not too focused on mom's phone. But here we all are! Windswept, distracted, covered in mosquito spray, and having a grand old time.

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