the sunday re-cap

Happy Sunday everyone. I'm typing this as I watch a little football and enjoy the quiet in our apartment as the girls take a much needed nap.

I thought I'd catch ya'll up on our adventures lately.

So we're in Colorado now. I guess you'd call it officially moved, even though we still own a house in Montana and all of our furniture and stuff is still in it. We've been in Denver now for almost a week. We've moved into our temporary, furnished apartment that we will live in for only a month or so, hopefully.

Our first full day in Colorado was October 31st, Halloween! We met up with some very good friends of ours and did a little trick or treating around their neighborhood, since we don't have our own yet! Chloe had the hardest time figuring out what to be for Halloween this year. There were many tears spilled over who she wanted to be and usually it ended up being that she wanted to be all the things. So this year she was a Princess Doctor. Not too shabby, I think. Elinor is too small to have much of an opinion, and we were moving, so she got to be Elmo (like her sister, 2 years ago).

That's right, not only did I not have 3 different costumes for each kid, I actually made the youngest one wear a hand-me-down!

Okay, small rant over, here are some cute pictures.

So moving, yeah, it still kind sucks. There are good things and bad things about it. I have a good job, willing to pay for my relocation, that will pay for a place for me and my family to stay while we look for a home. The hard part is we have to move from the place we had been trying to get back to for many years. I'm sad we don't have chickens and a chicken coop anymore. I really miss my 10 minute commute to work. I miss seeing my in-laws all the time (I know,I've turned into one of those people). I miss being able to drive out of town and into beautiful mountains with no traffic and very few people to deal with (also known as traffic).

BUT, we're back in a city we know and love. Denver really is kind of the best big city you could pick, in my opinion. We had lived here for 8 years before we left, so it's not a completely new and strange place to us.

I get to walk to work in the mornings now. I'm one of those people that kinda digs walking to work, using your own body to get you places. If I can walk to anything, I usually try to do just that. So it's been fun walking and taking the city bus to work.

The grocery stores and restaurants (on average) are better here. Great coffee shops and really fun parks are always close by.

I'm going back to my old gym with my old classes and teachers that I really enjoyed. And did I mention most of my very dearest friends live in Denver?

So here we are and here we will stay. We hope to close on our new home next week. That's been a little up in the air also, so once that stress is out of the way, we'll be one step closer to settling in somewhere.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Feel free to share any advice or stories you have about moving!

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