free the calves

Sometimes I'm just dying to wear a pair of loose fitting pants.

Just the other day I was noticing at the grocery store that it's no longer taboo to wear your workout clothes or yoga pants out in public. Even a few years ago I felt more than slightly frumpy wearing my comfy clothes out to grab a couple gallons of milk. Now it seems, more than half of the women you see out and about on a weekend are wearing some form of athletic wear. This isn't an overnight phenomenon, but I feel like the pendulum has really swung wide lately to comfortable (and tight) clothing for women.

I won't even touch on women's attire in other countries besides the United States, I know dress codes vary wildly across the world.

I'm not judging the athleisure wear trend, in fact, most of the time I fully embrace it. But sometimes I yearn for the days of loose pants. Remember how a really great pair of bootcut or trouser style jeans felt? Of course, I'm mostly being facetious, I still own all those styles of pants and wear them occasionally. These days, I tend to grab my old standbys and less the thigh-hugging, calf-strangling, belly-pinching skinny jeans of years past. I've been searching around a bit to find more comfortable options to add to my closet (including dresses!).

1. dress from Modcloth

2. boyfriend jeans from American Eagle (my go-to for cheap, good looking denim)

3. boy jeans from Madewell

4. comfy dress from Sonnet James

5. trekkie pant from Athleta

6. floral trousers from The Loft


  1. I am so with you. In fact, this week I picked up a straight leg jean at JCrew because I am feeling like the legging/skinny jean is old news.

  2. And also, I think athleisure is cute as long as the person looks like they actually work out and the outfit is coordinated/put together. There is a big gap between athleisure and wearing yoga pants with a hoodie on. (how I roll at home ;)

    1. I hear ya on the yoga pants and hoodie. I (ridiculously admit) wear yoga pants with paint splotches on it about half the time. Never know when you might need to paint something! :)