the Art of the Brick

One rainy Sunday in San Diego, California, we were trying to decide what we should do to keep the kids and ourselves entertained and indoors. After looking around at the wonderful museums in Balboa Park, we decided to check out the Fleet Science Center. My husband and I are both engineers, so a science museum was a no-brainer for us. AND, we love to gently push our kids towards STEM-related fun.

The Science Center was awesome, but in all honesty, was made for kids in elementary and middle school and less so for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Chris and I did have fun trying out the hands-on exhibits and trying to explain everything to two wandering kiddos. 

We decided to buy a pass to The Art of The Brick while we were there. This was a special traveling exhibit, showing off the works of Nathan Sawaya. His story is pretty amazing and it's definitely worth a read over here

Below are a few pictures of some of his exhibits. Keep in mind all that intricacy you see is built, brick by brick, with Legos! My 9-year-old self would have freaked out. 

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