My brother always tells this story. One day in his college math class (Calculus, Differential Equations, I'm not sure which), the professor told the class that anyone who could recite the number Pi out to him to 20 significant figures would get an automatic A for the semester. As you would imagine, no one in the class could accomplish such a feat. Ever since that day, my brother, who has a head for numbers, decided to memorize Pi out to 20 digits, ya know, just in case.

That same story was told at a family gathering a few years ago and my husband picked right up on it. He also has a head for numbers and a competitive spirit, so he's since spent some time memorizing Pi out to an insane significant figure count. All I can usually get to is 3.14159 and that really is about all I think I'll need in my life.

All of this to say, happy Pi day!!

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