happy weekend

Happy Friday everyone! We made it! 

This week was a long one for me. Anybody else feel the same way? 

We don't have anything exciting planned this weekend, so far. Next week I'm traveling for work and I'm already anxious about leaving the girls. I know a little extra daddy time is always good, but I will miss them and I know they will miss me. 

Anyway, it's not worth dwelling on that. I wanted to share some links with you guys since it has been a while. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

> Both my husband and my friend are taking online computer programming classes right now and I'm really thinking about joining them. They are free and taught by MIT!

> Have you been watching the last season of Girls on HBO? It's a really well written show and Lena Dunham does a really excellent job of writing and acting. Last week's episode is always covered by Man Repeller and they do an equally great job of summing up what we were all feeling while watching it. Check out their latest article.

> I didn't watch the Oscars last Sunday, but I did catch this article and I can't stop shaking my head.

> I bought this jacket last week and I am really in love with it.

> 40% off at The Loft right now and there are some really great new spring pieces

> Here's how much money you should have saved at every age

> Need a podcast to listen to while you're driving, making dinner, doing laundry, painting another room in your house white (guilty)? Here's my favorite podcast.

> The DAPL protestors left mountains of trash behind in North Dakota

> The best way to keep our free press reporting and investigating is to support them!

> If you are in the market for some fun furniture with a lot personality, check out Oh Joy for Target!

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