Legos in our pajamas

Last Friday after Chloe had gotten up from her nap and before her little sister had decided it was time to get up, we spent some time together playing with a Lego set that she had gotten over Christmas. It was a construction set, but with little lego pieces. I had been waiting to upgrade (or downgrade?) to the regular size Lego pieces when I didn't have to worry about little babies eating them and Chloe had enough dexterity to really use them.

Well, after watching her play for a little while, I realized it was time to upgrade our Lego set. We set off to Target and bought a beginner box of Legos and a fun veterinarian set to put together. I was super excited about it and Chloe was too. Putting together the Lego set with instructions pretty much fell on me, but I was happy to do it. The next morning I was still getting some of the set together and we had fun after breakfast playing with Legos together. Both Chris and I really loved Legos as kids, so we're excited to start the tradition with our kids. We're still a long way off from optimal Lego building age, but why not start them young, right?

Messy bedhead and all! Like your style Elinor!


  1. El got a set for Christmas. We played with them over the weekend too! I was shocked at how excited she was about them, and well she could follow the directions! I'm now super excited to buy another creator set...for El to play with....ya, its for the kid.....

    1. Elinor actually ends up playing with it more than Chloe! You might be surprised that Avery loves it too!