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I'm a big fan of entrepreneurs. In another life, I would have started my own business long ago and hopefully been successful (maybe not with the first business, but definitely the last). I admire the entrepreneurial spirit. I thrive on out of the box thinking. I get excited by folks who are willing to take risks and make smart decisions. So every time I see a new business pop up that truly gets it AND it's owned by a woman, I can't help but order something and share the news. 

So today I'm sharing a new series about women-owned businesses that kick butt. There have truly been some amazing startups recently that have figured out a niche market or taken something mainstream and made it better. 

Outdoor Voices is one of those brands. Originally started by Tyler Haney in 2013, this athletic/athleisure brand has been giving Lululemon and Athleta a run for their money. Tyler is 27 years-old and has done a great job of quickly building a reputable brand. And she's from Boulder, Colorado! 

I had heard of her brand for a while and decided to try out a couple pairs of her leggings about a year go. I was really impressed with the quality and the color selection of her workout gear. My biggest complaint about workout pants is that they tend to move around as you workout and very few actually stay in place. The last thing you want to be doing while going for a run or lifting in the weight room is hiking up your pants every few minutes. I've had great success with Outdoor Voices and have been converted. Her designs are unique and fun too.

Here are a few links to her website, my favorite items, and an article or two about the company.

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