Chloe does sports

About a month ago I was frantically scrambling to get my kids enrolled into some kind of summer sports program. I think I had succumbed to the privileged millennial parent problem of always wanting your kids involved in everything at all times. My kids weren't signed up for anything, so I felt I was being a poor parent. 

Well, not to ruin it for you, but that was silly. 

I did manage to get Chloe signed up for a week long soccer camp and t-ball on Saturdays for the month of June and July. July is a really busy month for us, so Elinor wasn't able to get signed up for anything. As it turns out, two-year-old's basically only do dance or gymnastics in the month of July around us.

Chloe was all signed up for two new adventures, however. T-ball was a mild success. She didn't hate it. She got snacks afterwards, one of which was Gatorade (a special drink around our house). She was on a co-ed team with 90% boys, which Chris and I both loved. All in all it was a pretty good event. We both feel like it introduced sports to her and was pretty low pressure.

Chloe's next adventure was soccer camp. The program was run through Challenger Sports and was taught by some really great coaches from the UK. The weather was pretty hot that week, as you would imagine, and Chloe pretty much hated it. This was her first time kicking a soccer ball around for any length of time and it was in the sun for 2.5 hours. Our fair skinned little girl did not enjoy the heat. She did enjoy most of the games, but it might take a whole year before we try that camp again.

So the moral of this story is, don't rush to sign up your 4 year old for every sporting event offered. Provide plenty of water and Kool Ties for outdoor activities. And always provide Gatorade.

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