the catepillar named Ernie

Happy belated 4th of July!

I'm exhausted.

We just got back from a quick trip up to Montana. All told we drove about 24 hours to get there and back. Hence the italicized comment up above. We got to visit lots of family and spend some time camping over the weekend. We took a lot of photos, so I wanted to share and save these special moments. It's not every day that 29 family members camp together in Paradise Valley, Montana.

Elinor loves her Uncle Jace!

Carter and Chloe had a really great time together. They explored all over camp and Chloe told me yesterday that she wanted to marry Carter. So cute! Except that they are 2nd cousins or something like that. On the last morning they found a catepillar and they named it Ernie. Carter is supposed to send Chloe pictures of it when it turns into a butterfly.

The whole crew!

Dot brought along a new pet. A parrot-lette named Belle. She was so small and sweet! We all got a chance to pet her.

We had a pretty full camp of all different age groups. The twins (1 yo), Anastasia and Everly were there. Chloe loved playing babysitter with them. Carter (4 yo) and Garrett (1 yo) were there too!

These little dirt-balls had a great time.

These dirt-balls had a pretty good time too. ;)

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