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Hey guys, how are you? I feel like it's been a few since we've caught up! I've been on such a constant run of sharing photos from our trip, that I haven't really checked in with you all lately (hope that's not getting annoying).

How has your summer been? Can you believe that it's September already? I feel like we were just planning Memorial Day festivities and now it's all back-to-school and pumpkins-for-sale at the grocery stores.

An aside: Ever wonder where Labor Day came from? Here is a great Drunk History explanation. That is one of my favorite shows, hilarious and you learn a little something along the way.

Life has been really great lately and at the same time it's been so heavy. The news cycle is particularly depressing these days. There are major fires in the western United States, record breaking hurricanes in the Atlantic, and flood waters still ruining lives in Texas and Louisiana. If we're not worried about nuclear war one week, we're worried about mass deportations the next. It's hard not to think about all the pain and worry that is going around without letting it seep into your own life. I'm so thankful that here in Colorado we haven't been affected by anything major besides smoky skies (well, and mass deportations).

I mean, it's not all roses and daisies around here either. We're still dealing with a torn up kitchen floor and missing some drywall and flooring downstairs from our dishwasher leaking for many days while we were on vacation. Dealing with insurance and trying to prevent splinters in our kids feet hasn't been the most pleasant experience, but it's understandably minor in the grand scheme of things.

I'll just end this with a quote from someone much more eloquent than I.

"It's a shallow life that doesn't give a person a few scars" - Garrison Keillor

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