Aspen and Maroon Bells

Sometimes real life gets away from you and it takes four extra months to get away for a ten year anniversary. Or more appropriately, it takes four months for your babysitter to show up. :)

Last weekend we had Chris's mom in town and she offered to watch the girls for a couple nights for us. After exploring a few options, we decided to drive a few hours west and spend some time in Aspen, Colorado. Truthfully, most of my Aspen knowledge comes from watching various Housewives film and cat fight there. I had also heard and seen many pictures of Maroon Bells and Crystal Mill and we were excited to see both. 

Sunday morning we hiked to Crater Lake beneath the stunningly beautiful Maroon Bells mountains. We had missed the pretty fall colors by a couple weeks, but we did get to park close to the trail head and were not bothered with many other visitors. Going in the 'mud season' is really the best time to visit the more popular places in the mountains. No shuttles to the trail head and more peace and quiet on the trail.

We stayed at the Limelight Hotel and I really can't recommend it more highly. It was centrally located downtown and they can make a mean mac & cheese. We ended up ordering in our last night in Aspen because I was coming down with something. Though we were sad we weren't able to eat somewhere fancy, our meal was still delicious.

Aspen was truly a great place to celebrate our anniversary and we loved that it was so close to some admirable views. 

Have you ever been? What were your favorite things to do there?

Happy to spend the last 10 years with this guy!

A shot from Independence Pass on our drive back home.

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