three up, two down

Here's the latest installment of my series called three up, two down. I'm want to share three awesome things that have been going on lately and two not so awesome things. The point being, even if life seems hard, there is always one more thing you can think of that is good in your life.

> Snow! Winter! Sweaters! Boots! Yeah, I'm one of those who really like the winter season (well, at least until about February, then I'm done). I heard that Billings got 6" of snow the other day and I was really sad to have missed it. Denver is great, but big snowstorms don't happen too often.

> The news cycle is really dragging me down. I have this fantasy of deleting all the news apps from my phone and living in my own bubble of innocence. It's just so frustrating that terrible things happen and I hear all about it but there is nothing I can do. So is retreating into my own cocoon the solution? Controlling what little I can control by raising good humans and treating others with kindness and respect? Doing good acts? It's obviously a deeper question, but maybe disconnecting from the various horrors of the world is a good first step.

> The holiday season is fast approaching. Thanksgiving is just one of the best holidays we celebrate all year. Turkey, football, and family, can't really beat that combination!

> Some news on the home front: our house is still a construction zone. After returning home from vacation to major water damage, we are still dealing with a torn up kitchen 3 months later. I do try and keep my inconveniences in perspective, but having our kitchen floor an active construction zone for months on end is frustrating. My hope is that it's all done by Christmas (keeping expectations low).

> How about that last election huh? Congrats to Danica Roem on winning a seat in Virginia's state legislature and becoming the first openly transgender candidate to win an elected office! This is a tiny, little victory in the grand scheme of things. But every step we make towards being inclusive of all people in this country, the better. Also, hear hear to Helena, Montana for electing a Liberian refugee as their mayor!

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