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Happy Friday everyone. We're within spitting distance of the weekend and I couldn't be happier!! We're going on an adventure next week and I'm really excited to see some different sites and relax as a family.  

That picture up above was from last weekend. I'm 23 weeks today and just starting to feel really heavy and achy. I am not one of those pregnant ladies who skip through pregnancy and have very little to complain about. This week I've been dealing with some serious round ligament pain. What the heck is a round ligament? Well, I had to do some googling to figure out what was bothering me so much. If anyone has some miracle cure (besides delivering a baby), let me know!

The first day of spring slipped by this week. The weather has been pretty awesome here in Colorado and it has me wishing the grass was green and the trees were blooming already. So far we've been super dry all winter, so this summer will be tough for farmers and for my lawn! I'm thinking I am going to have to get creative with all of my flowers this year and only plant what I really plan on watering. I also am going to setup some automatic sprinkler system so it's Johanna-is-being-lazy proof. 

Well, I've got to do a little work and then get to packing. We bought the girls their own luggage this time around. I am trying to get all four of us into our own carry-on. I bought some Samsonite luggage from Amazon and so far I'm impressed with the quality. The girls were super excited about it and I'm hoping that means they'll be hauling it all over the airport by themselves without help. I don't think we'll get that lucky however. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Check over on my Instagram to follow along on our trip next week. I'm hoping to take some really cool pictures to share!

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