polo ponies and 36 weeks pregnant

A couple weeks ago, the girls headed north to spend some time with their nanny and papa in Montana. This was the first trip that the girls had taken on their own and left us parents for a few days. We would normally have spent the fourth of July up in Montana camping with family, but since our baby girl is due to show up any day now, I didn't really want to be camping several hours from a hospital. In order to makeup for the missed family time, the girls headed up in June to visit instead.

Chris and I were invited to family day at the Denver Polo Classic. We didn't have the girls with us, but we definitely looked like a growing family!! It's pretty entertaining the comments you get walking around with a big baby bump. Also, as you would imagine, there were plenty of other expectant mothers waddling around in the heat. We gave each other lots of knowing looks.

While I couldn't partake in any champagne, it was fun to get dressed up and watch a Polo match. We went last year and had a really good time, so we knew this year would be just as fun. Also, we got to push in a few divots back into the ground before we headed back home to relax.

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