the things people ask pregnant women

Here are some things I've heard this week, the week after my due date.

"Oh my, when is your due date?!" 

"You must be expecting a girl." 

"You must be hating this hot weather we're having!" isn't everyone hating the 100 degree temperatures?

"Have you tried drinking castor oil?" no thanks, violent diarrhea sounds terrible

"Have you been having any contractions?" yes, maybe, kinda, I'll let you know when I'm in labor

"I bet you'll be glad to wear something besides the same maternity clothes all the time" yup

"Have you tried acupuncture?"

"Your tummy is hard" yep, fully filled with a baby at this point

"Have you lost all modesty at this point?"

"Is this your first?" haha, nope

"My sister swears by eggplant parmesan to start labor."

"Can I touch your belly?" luckily this was my friend, so it was extra sweet that she asked

Well, no baby news over here to speak of. I did want to show a few more pictures of the baby's nursery. Here is a link to Elinor's old nursery in Montana. Chloe's was designed pre-blog! Speaking of which, I'm about to celebrate 5 years of blogging!! That's kind of a big anniversary and I didn't even realize it until I just looked it up. I should probably do something special to commemorate it here, but chances are I'll just be in the newborn haze. More to come on that later! 

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