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Well, life changed pretty dramatically about 6 weeks ago. We went from a family of four to a family of five. Newborns do a pretty great job of turning your life upside down for a while. Days go by quickly and nights slow down dramatically. 

Shortly after we got home and settled in with Greta, Chloe and Elinor started school! Chloe started Kindergarten and has been really enjoying it. She got her first piece of homework yesterday and was all atwitter all evening about it. She is making lots of new friends and has been getting lots of good feedback on how polite and nice she is to everyone (parenting win). 

Elinor started pre-school and though she's been sick a fair bit, she also settled in really quickly. Both Chris and I were anticipating lots of tears on her first day (like her older sister), but she basically just said "Bye!" and went off with her teacher. It always amazes me how different Chloe and Elinor are. It's fun to see them turn into their own different little people.

Greta is growing like a weed. She's very good at sleeping during the day, but at night she's been a bit of a pill lately. I was trying to remember when Chloe and Elinor started sleeping through the night the other day. I think I've still got a couple months before I can truly get a good nights rest. At least, I am hoping so. It's really amazing how a person can function on basically no sleep (aka coffee). 

Last weekend we took a little trip to Idaho to visit my parents and family. We got to meet my brother's wife, which we were all very excited to do. He got married in June and since I was too pregnant to fly, we weren't able to attend the wedding. I was very sad we weren't able to attend, so I was really looking forward to meeting her. We all really loved her and we're super excited to have another member of our family! Good work Jaime!

Visiting Idaho in late August is almost the perfect time of year. It's cool in the morning and just the right temperature in the afternoon. We were also able to attend the Eastern Idaho State Fair, which is one of my favorite late summer activities. The last time we were able to go was when Elinor was a baby (link here). Chloe and Elinor got to go on some rides and spent a lot of time hanging with their aunts and uncles. Greta slept almost the entire time, so that was also nice.

Looking back, I realized that there was no way I would have traveled with a 5 week old in the past. This time though, I didn't even think twice. Once we actually arrived at the airport I got a little more nervous, but Greta was pretty great for the most part. There was a bit of crying on each flight, but only for a minute or two, then she slept. I am still surprised at how we are handling this three kids thing so well. I definitely have my moments where I am struggling, but thankfully those don't happen too often. I also really hope I didn't just jinx us by writing that!

I just read this blog post from Anna about whether having 5 kids is hard and it really made a lot of sense to me. While I do not want to have 5 kids, I do think no matter how many you have, you will always pour your heart and soul into raising them. It's worth a read if you are into that sort of thing.

I hope you are having a good Thursday! See you around!

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