three up, two down

1. Hello from 7 weeks postpartum land! 

And what the heck is that you may ask? 

Well, as a woman recovering from having a baby and being pregnant for 9+ months, it takes a while to get back to 'normal'. Every week farther along in the process is another week to celebrate. Oh, and also you have a cute little 7 week old baby to snuggle too. 

It's a weird time in my life. I am home from work, enjoying my time with my girls, but also feel oddly out of place being at home all the time. There are dead periods of the day where I feel like I should be filling it with something productive (besides catching up on Jersey Shore).

Greta has been sleeping much better the past week, so I am actually really lucky to have spare time during the day where I don't feel the need to take a nap to catch up on missing sleep. So, it's a wonderful problem to have. I am also incredibly thankful I can stay home from work for as long as I plan too. I think if I had to go back to work at this point I would probably be the worst employee on the payroll. My brain is still fuzzy and I forget stuff ALL the time. For instance, at least once a day I call Greta, Elinor. Also, I leave tasks half finished all the time because I'm rushing off to do something else. It's a problem.

2. Why is summer sticking around into September? It's been in the 90s this week in Denver and it is supposed to continue into the weekend. I want to wear sweatshirts. I want to wear long pants. I want to feel the crispness in the air. I want to decorate with pumpkins and not feel disingenious. Come on fall, we're ready for you!!

3. This week I started going back to the gym. It's been AWESOME! 

I'm ridiculously out of shape. I can't run, but I have been doing some elliptical and lifting weights. As a result I've been in a constant state of extreme soreness this week. I had forgotten how terrible it is to sit down or stand when your legs are screaming at you from your last workout. It's an awesome feeling, but also extra annoying at the same time. 

4. This working out stuff has been nice, but I'm also honestly trying hard to get back to pre-pregnancy shape. I am mainly living in leggings and yoga pants, which is great while I am at home, but not going to fly once I have to leave the house on a regular basis. It's not a new struggle for me, but one I'm trying to speed up. I'd like to be able to fit into my work clothes once I have to go back. I don't want to have to get a whole new wardrobe, mostly because I miss all of my old clothes! 

5. I discovered a drink this week that I'm obsessed with. Have you tried bai, Cocofusion flavor? One of the bloggers I follow, Grace Atwood, raved about it a few months ago on Instagram. This week I grabbed one in the checkout line at Walgreens, and now I'm hooked. I'm not usually a coconut fan, but I really love this drink. It also only has 5 calories so it's an easy treat during the day. #notanad

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Happy Thursday to you too!! Glad you are able to go to the gym!!! Also that’s great Greta is sleeping better at night!!
    Have a great weekend!! I’m looking forward to Fall too!