Ever since I was young, the best compliment I ever received was the following. "You are SO mature for your age!" This was very high praise for me. To me it meant I was acting grown up and mature. I was responsible and could be relied on. And honestly now, I also know it was a compliment to my parents as well. They taught me responsibility, civility, and manners.

So here I am now, ALMOST 35 (a few more days of 34), and that compliment kind of falls flat..

I mean, what does one do when you've always been mature for your age? At some point, that becomes a bad thing. No one wants to be older than they are at a certain age. I mean, I haven't dared look it up, but 35 is inching very close to middle age. Or is it middle aged? I can't bear to look it up on Google to know the real answer.

I've always had friends that were older than I. In fact, last week I had great lunch with a group of ladies I used to work with at a previous company. They are all now either retired or getting very close to retirement and talk about their grand kids a lot. I love them. However, it made me laugh to realize how great I get along with this group of gals. I am in a different stage of my life than them, but we still have a lot of people in common and topics to talk about.

All this is to say, I am not going to start acting like a teenager all of the sudden. I just think it's funny how one phrase said as a compliment to a 10 year-old is interpreted differently as that youth grows into an adult. You are still 'mature' for your age, but it loses it's charm as you grow older.

So here's to maturity, may it always be a compliment and never an accusation. :) 

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  1. Wow!! Powerful post! Or that is the way I see it... I took a few moments to think about what you wrote, and I can see how people probably said that about you when you were young. I think about you and I do see natural maturity. What I see most is confidence.. I very much admire that in you and many others !!! I have never carried much confidence!! I can see a lot of this in Chloe and Elinor!! I do think this is a very good thing!!
    I think age is only a number!! 34/35 is still on the younger side!!
    ❤️You !