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Do you ever have visitors come and stay at your house and just be at a total loss as what to do with them? Something fun, out of the ordinary, and enjoyable for toddlers and adults too?  Well, today I thought I'd share a few photos from our weekend adventures with our Montana family. On Saturday we went and checked out Adventure Golf and Raceway in Westminster. Saturday morning I woke up wracking my brain on what to do with family in town that would be fun for all ages. I've driven past this miniature golf course a few times and thought it might be a fun half-day adventure. And boy, was I right! We had a lot of fun! 

Chloe and Elinor had a lot of fun hitting the ball, but spent a fair amount of time just rolling their balls into the castles and traps. The weather was also pretty amazing, so we timed it just right.

After we were done with golfing and karting, we headed over to the ropes/obstacle course. I have always wanted to run through one of these ropes courses, so I was super excited about it. After the adults got done, Chloe was able to climb onto her own little kid ropes course too. I was really surprised at how adventurous and bold she was. I have never seen her get out of her element this much. She is usually a pretty cautious (first born) kind of kid. She leaves the more thrilling stuff to her little sister. Chloe surprised us all and did really, really well!

I definitely think we'll be going back here this summer. It was a pretty affordable, really fun way to spend a day with friends or family. Check it out!

I just had too

I just had to share this video this morning. This is amazing because first of all, he's French, secondly, he has a CHICKEN, thirdly, he's sailing around the world!!! 

Happy Monday everyone!

heritage square

These pictures are from a quick trip last weekend to Heritage Square in Golden.  Chloe had lots of fun riding the kiddy rides, even though there were only a few she was tall enough for.  It was the last weekend of the summer, so there were lots of families visiting and enjoying the sunshine.  This was our first visit to the park, but I think we'll be going back soon.  They have an alpine slide that I'm dying to take Chloe on.  She's still a bit young for it, but it won't be long before she's got enough guts to ride down with Mom or Dad.

This weekend is supposed to cloudy and cool.  It feels very much like Fall, and surprisingly (wink, wink), I'm loving it! 

Have a wonderful weekend!