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three up, two down

One. This weekend was a pretty great one, despite the temperatures being WAY out of my preferred 55 degrees Fahrenheit range. It was mid-90s here in Denver and while we did spend a lot of time in the AC, we did get out a bit also.

Saturday morning I attended a baby shower for the newest addition to our family. I had always thought that only the oldest kid got a baby shower and all of the rest of the babies were welcomed with about half the fanfare. Well, my wonderful friend decided to throw a baby shower anyway. It was sweet and thoughtful and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. 

I wrote a bit about it on Instagram, but friendship can be such a hard thing when you get older and busier. It's truly one of the best things about moving back to Colorado. These ladies get me and all my weirdness. 

Two. Holy cow, it's been hot. Have I mentioned that? Also, who's great idea was it to get pregnant and have a baby in the summertime? Oh yeah, that was my idea... The heat has been no joke. Also, as as a result of the heat, my poor swollen ankles!!

Also, yes, it's totally weird to take a picture of yourself in the glass of an office building. I'm pretty sure whoever inside is also wondering what the hell I'm up too. But hey, that's what my 35 week baby belly looks like!

Three. Rugby is an awesome sport. 

Chris and I went to a Rugby match on Saturday. USA vs. Russia. It was a really fun event to go to and we had some good seats to watch these massive guys duke it out. Also, USA won by a massive margin. 62-13. Go USA!!

Four. What in the world is happening these days? Anthony Bourdain?! We're in a tiff with Canada over tariffs? Kate Spade

Five. I'm 4 weeks out from having a new baby girl! I am getting a bit more freaked out about the actual delivery process, truth be told. I'm attempting a VBAC this time and while my chance of success is roughly 65%, I have no illusions that I have any control over the process once it all starts. After two unplanned c-sections, I am just going to let the doctors do what they need to do when the time comes. 

This weekend we put the girls into one room together and turned Elinor's room back into a baby's room. The crib is up. The first coat of yellow paint is on the dresser. The car seat is getting cleaned out and spiffed up again. The baby clothes have been sorted and are waiting to be washed. It's all happening!!

Let me know if there are any baby products I absolutely need to buy this time around. I feel like I'm out of the baby gear loop. There is always some new product showing up and I haven't had a baby in a few years! Comment below!

making room for baby girl

It's funny how things change over time. Things that you swear you wouldn't ever change, end up happening anyway.

I remember when we were pregnant with Chloe and I was vainly hoping we could skip that whole first-parent mania and hyper-awareness that afflicts all new parents. Why couldn't we just be chill? We don't have to freak out over every little thing. Right?

Well, as it turns out, you really can't help it. As a new parent you are learning the ropes and taking care of a tiny person that you've never had to be responsible for before.

It's also true that the more kids you add into the mix, the more relaxed you become. The strict rules you once setup are frequently relaxed quite a bit (hello don't eat anything off the floor). Sometimes you learn things (hello milk drinking on the couch) that you'll never allow to happen again.

I also remember organizing and decorating babies rooms with a real zealousness. This time around we have to move the two older girls in together and then turn Elinor's room back into a baby/nursery room. I don't think I'll be painting since we just finished painting it a neutral color. Instead, I am contemplating painting the dresser a bright yellow color to liven up the space a little bit. My inspiration being the image at the top of the post from Love Taza. I also will most likely be recycling art from both Chloe's and Elinor's baby rooms.

I think we've reached a point that we are those chill parents of multiple kids that don't have to freak out about every detail and can really enjoy the baby phase this time around. This might be wishful thinking, but I think Oprah would approve of this positive energy I'm putting out into the world. 

Elinor is four months old

Loves: Eating and laughing.  She giggles the most when you are taking off her clothes at night, especially pulling her arms out of a shirt or onesie.  She also loves it when the wind blows in her face.  Full on belly laughs for breezy days.

Sleeps: Randomly throughout the day, and a pretty solid 7:30pm-6:30am at night.  She usually gets me up at least once.

Wears: 6-9 month clothing!!  She's a tall drink of water.

I love hearing this little one jabber away. She'll have conversations with you all while kicking her legs madly.  She's pretty darling.

Here is a great article that sums up babyhood.

baby shower cheat sheet

Are you planning on attending any baby showers this spring or summer? Or are you expecting a little one yourself?  Today I'm putting together a little cheat sheet of my favorite baby products.  I can't promise they are all easy to wrap, but they will be used and re-used.

bouncer chair - Fisher Price

This is probably my favorite thing I've bought for my kids. Both Chloe and Elinor have spent lots of time bouncing in this seat.  It's perfect to sit on the kitchen counter while you are fixing dinner, folding laundry, or hanging out outside.  The vibrating part I could probably do without.  The best feature really is the bounciness of the seat. A few baby kicks will get the seat to rocking and the toys to spinning. The seat is also at a great angle for the baby to see what's going on without you having to worrying about the baby falling over or out.

Babies go through a lot of diapers and stinky ones at that. This magical little trash can will take those dirty diapers and keep the stink inside the pail and not in your babies nursery room. This gift will definitely use up your wrapping paper but it is a relatively cheap and extremely useful.  And you can honestly have more than one in your home especially if you don't always change diapers in the same room.

This diaper rash cream was actually recommended to me when I was pregnant with Chloe. It's super effective, doesn't smell terrible like some other creams I've used, and has a pretty awesome name. 

We affectionately call these 'hooter hiders' in our house.  We're a pretty class bunch.  I'm sure Kate Middleton calls them that also...

If you're looking to really treat the expecting mother, get her this present. If the new mom has to go back to work or even wants the option of leaving her baby for more than a few hours, having a pump is a lifesaver.  This is also one category where it's totally worth it to spend a few extra bucks.  You'll definitely get your money's worth.

welcome to the family

Say hello to the newest addition to Chateau Ostrum, Elinor LeLesch Ostrum.

The long awaited arrival of this little snugly package happened last Wednesday, and we couldn't be more thrilled.  Chloe loves holding her sister and telling us whenever she sees her eyes open. "Mom, look at her eyes!".  As it turns out, little sisters sleep a lot.  Well, except when everyone would like them too (say around 2am in the morning).

Miss Elinor gave us all quite a surprise when at about 8cm dilated and very close to entering the world, the doctor checked and found a bottom instead of a head.  She evidently had been breach for quite some time and had kept it a secret from everyone.  So this mother's hopes of having a successful VBAC went quite out the window.  But we are both healthy and doing well at home now. She's quite the eater and zoomed past her birth weight in record time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day with the ones they love. Our house was brimming with it.

Have a great weekend!