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Chloe does sports

About a month ago I was frantically scrambling to get my kids enrolled into some kind of summer sports program. I think I had succumbed to the privileged millennial parent problem of always wanting your kids involved in everything at all times. My kids weren't signed up for anything, so I felt I was being a poor parent. 

Well, not to ruin it for you, but that was silly. 

I did manage to get Chloe signed up for a week long soccer camp and t-ball on Saturdays for the month of June and July. July is a really busy month for us, so Elinor wasn't able to get signed up for anything. As it turns out, two-year-old's basically only do dance or gymnastics in the month of July around us.

Chloe was all signed up for two new adventures, however. T-ball was a mild success. She didn't hate it. She got snacks afterwards, one of which was Gatorade (a special drink around our house). She was on a co-ed team with 90% boys, which Chris and I both loved. All in all it was a pretty good event. We both feel like it introduced sports to her and was pretty low pressure.

Chloe's next adventure was soccer camp. The program was run through Challenger Sports and was taught by some really great coaches from the UK. The weather was pretty hot that week, as you would imagine, and Chloe pretty much hated it. This was her first time kicking a soccer ball around for any length of time and it was in the sun for 2.5 hours. Our fair skinned little girl did not enjoy the heat. She did enjoy most of the games, but it might take a whole year before we try that camp again.

So the moral of this story is, don't rush to sign up your 4 year old for every sporting event offered. Provide plenty of water and Kool Ties for outdoor activities. And always provide Gatorade.

a happy 4th to you

Happy 4th birthday to my smart, brave, kind, and inquisitive little Chloe! 

Here are a few things I'd like to remember about my four-year-old:

favorite food > frozen grapes

favorite drink > red water (a little bit of Mio in water)

her best quote recently > 'I love to push buttons because they are so pushable!'

recent obsession > all things paw patrol and space related 

a recent wish > 'for everyone we love to live with us'

loves to > sing and dance, paint and draw, cuddle with her sister, fix things with her Dad, talk about space

sleeping > 8:30pm to 7am, skipping most naps these days

things she likes to do herself > brush her teeth, buckle her seat belt and close the door, get dressed, and setting the table

Love this little girl! Happy Birthday!


It's fun having girls. I like pink, I like horses, and baby dolls, and getting dressed up. So decorating their rooms has been a real treat so far. Right now Chloe pretty much goes with the flow and doesn't have any big ideas of her own on her clothes or what her room should look like, so I have the run of the place. I know someday she may hate pink and all things girly, but for now I can pink up as much as I want.

For Chloe's birthday we gave her a new bed (this one from Pottery Barn) and new unicorn bedding. Her room is still a bit of a work in progress, but I'm pretty happy with where it's at. One other thought I have is maybe painting her door a fun color (not pink) as a good accent to her greige walls and off white carpet. By the way, I really wish we would have ripped out that carpet when we moved in, white shows everything!!  Unfortunately the sticker shock of all new carpeting was enough to change our minds.

Chloe's name on the wall is a quick DIY project with cardboard letters from Michaels and a little gold spray paint. They aren't perfect but I kind of like it that way. The pom pom garland is from Etsy and the poster you can see part of on the right is from Shutterfly. The dresser was made by my mom, but was designed to be just like this one from Pottery Barn. Have I mentioned before how awesome my mom is? Yeah, she still is.

first day of preschool

Today was miss Chloe's first day of preschool! I had a to take a few pictures of her before we hopped into the car to take her to meet her teacher and go to class. The downside of starting in January is I had to take her pictures inside the house with not great lighting, so sorry about the quality! I usually have a hard time making her smile for pictures, but this morning she was all smiles and giggly energy. She has been excited to go to school for months.

I also managed to not cry as we left her playing in the schoolyard with all the other kiddos, that's a big win for me. Somehow my first little baby grew up!

happy birthday miss Chloe

This weekend we celebrated Chloe's third birthday! She had lots of fun blowing out candles (as you can see above), painting pottery, running with balloons, and reading all of her new books. We had a little family get-together at a pottery painting place and then came back to our house for lunch and birthday cake. It was pretty low-key and perfect. I also managed to outsource a lot of the work this year (no shame in my game). Chloe wanted a ladybug cake and had been talking about it for months, so I knew I had to get the perfect cake for her. I found a friend to make it and help me out with all the cute ladybug decorations. I had zero time this year to do much besides get her presents together, so I didn't feel too bad about not making her a homemade cake.

I can't imagine birthdays getting much better than this one. I mean isn't three the age of peak birthday cuteness? I can't imagine a 13 year old having fun with a ladybug cake and balloons quite like a 3 year old. I feel lucky to have a happy, healthy little 3 year old, though I'm also pretty sure I'll love every age with her. Check back with me in 10 years to see how those teenage years are going. 

Happy Birthday Chloe, we love you!