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less is more

So New Year's resolutions are tough. I always fail. Always.

However, I'm a hopeless optimist. Even if I fail while attempting something, I usually make some sort of impact regardless of the actual duration of the resolution.

Here are a few thoughts and goals for 2019.

Consume less - This goal is primarily around buying clothes for myself. Over the past few months I've started to become aware of how much I waste. Wasting money, wasting time, and wasting resources on things I don't need. I enjoy new clothes. I like looking nice, but I have plenty of clothes in my closet already. I'd like to actually wear out clothes. I'm embarrassed of how many bags of clothes I take to the donation center. The clothes are perfectly fine but I am making room for new things. It's just consuming for no real purpose other than emotional gratification. There are other ways to feel good that don't hurt my wallet or the planet.

So.... I'm currently at day 2/365.

Reduce plastic use - I've gone into a black hole of plastic. Also, fire retardants. I want to delve into this more deeply with a later post. For now, just know that I've started to reduce our plastic use in our house. My goal is to significantly reduce plastic use by our family, especially when it comes to the food and drink we consume.

Feel better - Just like everyone else this January, I'd like to get into better shape. Or get into any shape at all really. I've been making my kids a priority (as I should have been). But now that Greta is getting older, it's time to put my health back on the priority list. Eating healthier is also on the agenda. Nothing fancy, just more vegetables and less sugar.

So here we go 2019. Though I might succeed at all of my goals, even small steps in the right direction count! 

Four Simple Goals

One of my favorite bloggers, Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, shared a great idea this week.  It's about setting goals for yourself that are attainable and are action-oriented.  I worked in a company that's all about setting goals and mapping out how we can attain them.  Applying that philosophy to your own life is something that I've always thought about doing.  After reading her four goals, it started my synapses firing on what goals I would like to accomplish.

My criteria for my goals were things that were:

 1) Possible in a comfortable amount of time.  For instance it won't take years for me to achieve them no matter what I did.

2) Action oriented.  So they weren't about the results, but about the steps I should take to become a better me.

3) Fun and not too serious.  World Peace is a little to weighty for me to take on!

So without further ado, here are four things I'd like to work on in the coming months.  


What are some things you'd like to do?