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Rotterdam, Holland

If you are looking for a place with amazing architecture and a cool modern vibe in Holland, make sure you stop in Rotterdam. This city was hit especially hard during WWII and very little of the original town built in 1340 was left standing. In its place is some pretty amazing buildings.

We had a really good time exploring there. This was also the first time any of us tried to wash our own laundry in our hotel bathroom. Hah, that's a story for another day...

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

This market was amazing. The Markthal Market is this tubular building with an open market in the middle and apartments around the outside. We snagged a donut or two on our walk through. Definitely a must see!

Thanks also Rotterdam for providing this photo of Elinor, my favorite of her so far!!

the Ostrums in Holland


We're back in action over here from our long trip to Europe.

Just typing that sounds fairly snooty. I don't know how my parents trained me as a young child, but sharing that we went to Europe always makes me feel braggadocios.

I definitely want to share some photos of our trip but I also don't want to create one monstrous post that is so full of photos it won't load on anyone's computer or phone. SO, I'm going to break our trip up into manageable little bites.

Our first stop is actually in the middle of our trip, but these pictures might be some of the best that we took! I mean, taking a picture of a windmill surrounded by canals and flowers is pretty hard to beat.

One of the highlights of my trip and actually one of the few days that I had planned was a day trip to Kinderdijk. Kinderdijk (children dike) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1740, 19 windmills were built here in order to manage flooding in the area. Today these windmills have been replaced by diesel operated pumping stations that still actively move water into the river out of the lowlands.

We also managed to get caught in a pretty serious little squal while we were walking around. We had to take cover inside a windmill and the entrance to one while it passed overhead.

Chloe and Uncle David were the best of buddies on this trip. My brother is awesome with little kids and he had Chloe in stitches most of the time. She would be holding my hand looking at something and then realize that her Uncle was a few steps behind and then run to him instead. He was definitely more fun than Mom or Dad on this trip, but that was okay with us.