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Craters of Moon National Monument and Idaho

Oh my goodness, it's been a full month since these pictures and trip were taken. Honestly my brain has been taken over by baby prep and work stress lately. The last month has been full of lots of work commitments and when I am home it's all family time and trying to remember everything I need to keep a baby alive. 

At the end of May, the girls and I took a trip to Idaho to visit my parents. Chris had to head out of town on a work trip (to France, poor guy), so I decided to take a week off also and see my parents. It was nice to relax for a week at my parents house and get to spend one on one time with them. Usually I see them during the holidays and all of my siblings are around (read: madhouse). I love to see all of my family together, but that many personalities in one house can sometimes be stressful.

This time around the girls got to run around outside, play in the dirt, pet sheep, and generally run free. My mother was worried she didn't have enough toys or activities, but luckily Chloe and Elinor are super good at making up their own games and adventures without much help. I'd like to take credit for some of that (very limited screen time and no computer games), but I think they are just generally good kids. 

My parents resting on the back porch. This image is grainy (it was taken through a screen door) and the composition is horrible, but they are my parents and I love them, so I had to document it.

One of the day trips we took while we were visiting was to Craters of the Moon National Monument. After visiting, it dawned on me why I ended up pursuing Geological Engineering in college. I was surrounded by such cool geologic features at a young age, and with a brain wired like mine, I would want to learn more about each and every one of them when I went to college. Nerd alert....

Unfortunately, it was pretty rainy spring day on the day we visited. Craters of the Moon is surrounded by a desert, but here we were, enjoying a unexpected wet spell.

We stopped in Arco to pick up some plastic bags, because of course, no one came prepared. I had packed rain jackets but failed to throw them in the car before we left home. Also, Chloe thought it would be a good idea to wear shorts. 

Eventually the rain did stop and we were able to hike a bit and explore the lava tubes. This was definitely the highlight of the trip. Any time caves are involved, I get super excited. Well, only large caves where you don't have to crawl through tight spaces. My fear of small spaces definitely outweighs my fascination with unique geologic features. 

If you are ever around eastern Idaho, I would recommend stopping by. It's also an International Dark Sky Park!

the Christmas that was

Hi! How are ya? It's been a while!!!

Happy New Year, by the way! 

But before we get to all of that, I thought I'd share a few photos from our wintery holiday vacation in Idaho with my family. It was freezing cold (actually below freezing), but very warm and cozy inside my parent's house with most of my siblings and their kids all staying under the same roof.  

It's a rather crazy tradition, really. At some point, our whole family (my parents, their six children, their significant others, and their children) can't all fit in one house anymore for the holidays. Finally this year, some of us had to stay at a hotel just to make sure everyone had a bed and a little bit of their own space. Also, somehow my parents have internet that is worse than dial-up speed, so keeping everyone entertained for days at a time is no small feat. There were definitely many crafts going on, programming questions being solved (that's my husband in his element), baking, sledding, skiing, gingerbread house making, shopping, and a fair amount of healthy discussions about politics. 

My girls had an absolute blast hanging out with their cousins. They also suited up once a day to go outside into the sub-zero temperatures and snow storms to visit the animals with my Mom. Chloe had lots of fun snuggling up to Lucky (the horse). Who, I believe, was just happy to have a warm body petting him.

We got lots of resting in and didn't think about work or working on a house for at least 7 days. That was worth all the bathroom sharing and the long drive through Wyoming.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!!

Eastern Idaho State Fair

It's about time I get around to posting a few photos from our Labor Day weekend festivities. This week has flown by, so that's why this hasn't arrived until Thursday. I'm sure ready for another long weekend (Thanksgiving??)...

Our little family took Friday off and drove to Idaho to visit my parents and go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Which as far as fairs go, it is definitely the best one that I've been too (sorry Montana and Colorado). I'm probably a bit partial since I grew up going to this fair, but I can still vouch for it's awesomeness.  Of course my definition of a great fair is: 1) lots of animals that you can pet, feed, and ride; 2) great fair food; 3) awesome commercial booths (with free balloons for the kids); 4) lots of rides; 5) and great 4-H and local artisan exhibits.

So to help convince you, and to show you our favorite stops, here are a few photos from our adventures.

the eyes on a jersey cow are so big, and so pretty

the pigs were kind of my favorite

this girl was SO excited to ride that pony, pure glee really

Elinor saw the sights from her front pack

holy moly these pumpkins were huge

my Dad won a blue ribbon for one of his photos, he's a pretty amazing photographer

my parents showed us a good time and Chloe was thrilled with all the balloons we were able to find

until next year!

I know it's Thursday, (which is so close to Friday that it's almost as exciting) but holy cow, this week has been rough! I'm ready for the weekend...

the dog days

Can you believe it's August already?  Where has this summer gone? I'm not a huge fan of hot weather so thankfully thus far I feel like we've slid through the summer without experiencing too many unbearable hot days! It also seems like summer itself has just slid past without much fuss.

Life with a new baby (6 months on 8/11!) is a different experience in and of itself. We tend to be homebodies and not travel much while we are balancing nap times of two little ones. Synchronized nap times are a rare event, so it tends to tie up much of the day while they swap napping times. It can drive us a bit crazy to be cooped up all the time, even if all the extra family time is nice.

We have had a lot of family time lately, which also seems to be a summer tradition. My parents came to visit for a week while Chris was traveling for work. They also brought my niece, so Chloe had lots of fun palling around with her.

The following week we had my sister and her family stop in during their long trek from West Virginia to Idaho. They only stayed for a day, which is much too short, but we had a good time catching up. Then we all headed to Idaho for a short little weekend visit.

To be completely honest, the 5 hour drive there was a bit of a poop show (though not literally, thankfully). Our two little ones are not used to long car rides and Elinor has a real grudge against her car seat. We all survived though and had a good time relaxing with my sisters, Chloe and Elinor's cousins, and my parents on the farm.

Chloe learning to ride bareback

Elinor got in on the horsey action too, though she wasn't always quite sure about him

riding on a four wheeler with Mom

Chloe had loads of fun following these two, cooler-than-cool cousins around

My mother's birthday was the very next week, so we celebrated a bit early with fish tacos and a festive birthday cake. Full family photos are a pretty rare event, hence my sister told everyone to get ready and put on a smile because we were going to memorialize this visit with a photo. Since my three brothers weren't able to make the trip it ended being just us girls.

And in other news (sorry for the photo overload), Elinor has started to roll over!  Her favorite time to roll over is in the middle of the night, unfortunately. It's totally cute to find her with a big grin on her face smiling up at me at night, but also more than a little annoying. She is also doing a pretty awesome job of sitting up. She can only hold it for about 5 seconds before she topples over or backwards, but those 5 seconds are totally epic.

Here's to a few more weeks of lazy summer days! Soak them up while you can!

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the children are sleeping

Happy Sunday! I hope your day of rest and grocery shopping (at least in this house) is going well. As you might have guessed from the title, both of my little ones are sleeping.  And at the same time!!  In celebration I decided to share a few photos from our past week.

Happy belated Easter by the way!  We had a great time visiting with my parents in Idaho. We had an Easter egg hunt, painted eggs, and ate a delicious dinner.  My mother is an amazing cook, so the delicious dinner is pretty standard perk of visiting them.

Chloe had lots of fun hunting for eggs in the yard.  This year we actually put candy inside instead of the raisins she got last year. We are trying our best to keep her away from candy, but holidays are definitely the exception to that rule.

My parents have a small farm with a couple cows, two (pregnant) sheep, a horse, chickens, and some barn cats and kittens.  Chloe was over the moon about all the animals.  She helped grandma feed them every morning and night.

This was taken right before she headed out in the morning with grandma.

We found some newborn kittens up on top of the haystack!

Elinor got to visit some animals too, but she mostly slept through it.

The trip was a success, minus the fact that Chloe somehow managed to get the croup.  She has been suffering with a terrible cough the past few days.  Today she seems much better, so hurray for that!

We got to see some wildlife on our drive back.  These guys were right outside of West Yellowstone. They were only a few miles from Yellowstone Park, eating some of the newly budding grass by the side of the road.  It was pretty cool. Don't mind the bugs on the windshield in this photo (oops).