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happy weekend

Happy Friday everyone! We made it! 

This week was a long one for me. Anybody else feel the same way? 

We don't have anything exciting planned this weekend, so far. Next week I'm traveling for work and I'm already anxious about leaving the girls. I know a little extra daddy time is always good, but I will miss them and I know they will miss me. 

Anyway, it's not worth dwelling on that. I wanted to share some links with you guys since it has been a while. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

> Both my husband and my friend are taking online computer programming classes right now and I'm really thinking about joining them. They are free and taught by MIT!

> Have you been watching the last season of Girls on HBO? It's a really well written show and Lena Dunham does a really excellent job of writing and acting. Last week's episode is always covered by Man Repeller and they do an equally great job of summing up what we were all feeling while watching it. Check out their latest article.

> I didn't watch the Oscars last Sunday, but I did catch this article and I can't stop shaking my head.

> I bought this jacket last week and I am really in love with it.

> 40% off at The Loft right now and there are some really great new spring pieces

> Here's how much money you should have saved at every age

> Need a podcast to listen to while you're driving, making dinner, doing laundry, painting another room in your house white (guilty)? Here's my favorite podcast.

> The DAPL protestors left mountains of trash behind in North Dakota

> The best way to keep our free press reporting and investigating is to support them!

> If you are in the market for some fun furniture with a lot personality, check out Oh Joy for Target!

MLK and some links to start your week

First of all, happy Martin Luther King Jr. day. Despite holidays being a great excuse to take the day off or spend some time relaxing, it's also good to remember the intent behind the holiday. Now more than ever in this world, we need to practice tolerance, acceptance, and love of our fellow man. Despite someone's religion, or skin color, or who they decide to love, we all need to try and appreciate others experience and realize it's just as valuable and true as our own.

Today I wanted to share a few links from around the web that have piqued my interest or made me think about something a little deeper.

> six 30-year-old women with very different incomes on how they spend and save 

> this tweet made me laugh (your welcome, Reno 911 fans)

> interesting info on Planned Parenthood

> if you need some home design inspiration, this blog has you covered

> some of Michelle Obama's greatest moments as FLOTUS

> this gal has style for days

> some of my favorite TV shows are back

> her photography is so breathtaking

> Also, we're traveling soon for a little birthday vacation and we're super excited. I'm hoping to take lots of pictures (I've been in a lull lately) and hopefully some video.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Schumer, Clinton, and Idaho

It's that time again. I've been saving a stack of awesome articles and links I want to share with you guys. I must admit, a lot of them are political, but you can feel free to skip past those.

> Amy Schumer welcomes you to the gun show

> a podcast from Malcolm Gladwell to give you some perspective on Hillary Clinton

> I recently sent this to a friend of mine attending a technical conference

> I agree that Idaho is truly underappreciated

> It's world breastfeeding week

> a superb article about Megyn Kellys dress

> a great dress

> want to help a great cause?

> who created Donald Trump

> a fun place to get a little inspiration

I hope you all have a wonderful week. For me, I'll be finding out about my job this week. More on that to come.

the Monday download

So how was your weekend?  

Do you ever feel pressure to answer that question with something breezy and light no matter how awful your weekend was?  Is that just me?  

So our weekend wasn't that awesome.  We made a frantic move out of our temporary apartment due to the fact we received a note on our door at 5pm on Friday about a possible bedbug infestation in the building.  After sleeping there Friday night and worrying about what was crawling under the door into our apartment, we decided to move out and stay at an extended stay hotel (after checking all of our stuff for bugs).  My company is paying for furnished housing until we can move into our new home, so we decided a permanent move was best.  Living with a bunch of pesticides wasn't a great option either.  

We did get to spend some quality time outside at a pumpkin patch and visit with some family this weekend too.  Our new temporary home is a big step-up from our little apartment, so that's a plus.

The closing on our new home looks to be delayed also.  

I'm sure in a year or so this will all be a distant (and comical) memory.  

Here are a few links to entertain you this Monday, after a hopefully wonderful weekend!

> Twenty four reasons I love the Mindy Project.

Amelia Earhart on marriage

> Harrison Ford makes an excellent Ocean.

> This photographer followed a young girl's journey in the Himba tribe of Namibia

> I would like to make this and this and this

> This is exciting and just in time for holiday shopping

just the thing to start your weekend off right

Before the long, Labor Day weekend really get kicked off, I wanted to share a few fun links from around the web that have been entertaining me this week.

How to fight a baby (I laughed out loud, at work, in my office)

I love this series about parenting around the world

This book series has been making me stay up late for weeks. 

I just ordered some of these and I'm so excited for them to arrive

Thank you Jon Stewart

And finally, enjoy your Labor Day Weekend (if you're in the U.S.)