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cheetos and fresh air solve everything

Hello! How was your weekend?

Yesterday, after waking up from a really terrible night of sleep, I felt a real need to get out of town and into the mountains for a while. I had a rather restless night dreaming about real estate and worrying about where we were going to live in Denver, so thankfully, everyone else agreed to an adventure.

It turned into a really great day. The crisp fall air wasn't too cold and though it was cloudy most of the time, we didn't get rained on! It was our longest family hike yet. We got in a 2-hour hike with nary a whine from Chloe (she walked the whole way) and Elinor was a trooper most of the time. She doesn't love our hiking backpack that much, but frankly neither do we. It was a hand-me-down from my sister and we've used it a lot with both of our kids. However, it might be time to upgrade our hiking equipment. 

Chloe was climbing on just about every rock she could find and Elinor munched on Cheetos most of the trip. Snacks are always a good idea!

All the fall colors were amazing! I was surprised to see so many changing leaves already, but I guess it's already freezing up in the Beartooth Mountains.

*** this post was most definitely sponsored by Cheetos, even though that would have been awesome...

how to hike your way to a happy anniversary

Not many words today, just lots of pictures. I wanted to share some awesome scenery from our hike last Thursday. Chris and I celebrated our 9th anniversary (finally) and got to hike through some pretty rad mountain valleys. The only downside was that our lab, Maya, didn't quite enjoy it as much as we did. Her little paws got pretty sore about half way through. Chris had to carry her a bit. So a word of caution, if you take an inside-dog hiking, bring booties to protect their paws.

little bear creek

Here's a little video I put together of our recent trip up into the mountains to go fishing. I hope you all have a good weekend and hug and kiss your loved ones a little bit extra too.

my scientific study

Today, I've decided to announce the results of a very important study I've conducted over the past few years. And when I say 'study', I mostly have just gathered some anecdotal evidence from a few of my friends. It's highly scientific.

So my study has concluded that within a marriage, there is usually one person who likes to relax on the weekend and one person who likes to get out and about. The former likes to rest and recharge from a busy week and not spend the weekend going and doing all day. While conversely, the later has made many plans and has grand ideas about what he/she can fit into those two precious days off. There are varying degrees of these two polar opposites. Generally the closer aligned the two are, the better off everyone is. The ying and the yang. And usually, over time, a happy medium is found.

My confession today is, I'm definitely one of those go and do type of people. I like to get out at least one day on the weekend and see something new. My husband is the calmer of the two of us and enjoys his downtime on the weekends. So our happy medium involves me sweet talking my husband into something one day and then he can have the other day. It doesn't always work out that way, but this weekend was one of those where we got to get in a little adventuring, some projects around the house were accomplished, and we all got to goof off a bit also.

On Saturday afternoon we hopped into the car, right before nap time, and drove to Natural Bridge State Park.

I had honestly never heard of the place until this week when my boss mentioned it at work. Evidently this is where a River Runs Through It was filmed. The area is truly breathtaking and you would never know from the interstate that this little park existed 30 miles miles off the road. There are no signs until you arrive at the turn off. 

Once you park there is a short walk to the river and some great signs explaining how the river just disappears into a cave and then reappears further down the hill. I had a fun time explaining to Chloe how water erodes limestone over time and how an underground river is formed. I'm sure she caught every bit of it. She'll be a junior geologist soon.

So here's to happy mediums and give and takes. Thanks hubby for a fun little jaunt!

business casual meets graffiti

Oh my gosh, I had so much fun taking these photos. I had heard about this place, this new art installation in downtown Billings, MT. A place where different artists took a piece of a brick wall in a forgotten alley and painted whatever spoke to them. The colors are intense and the art is the kind that just makes you happy to look at. Sure, there is some weird and provocative imagery, but the overall affect is quite impressive. Needless to say, I'll be back.