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45.jpgAll of these photos are swiped from an incredibly talented photographer, Garret King. You can follow him on Instagram and his website is quite amazing also.

Oh, and enjoy!








Isn't have VW with a pop-top roof dreamy? I'd love to own one of those for road trips and camping trips. I've heard they are pretty expensive though...

photography friday

Well it's snowing outside and supposed to be in the single digits tomorrow, so I thought I'd share some beautiful photos that make me excited for summer. I found this amazing Montana based photographer, Todd Klassy, a few weeks ago. He has an impressive collection and I recommend you click through to check out his photos. Some of his prints are also for sale here.

Leaping Over Bales

Trailing the Herd

Crazy Mountain Reflections

Western Morning Commute

Gravity Defying

Middle of the Road

In the Shadow of Birdtail Butte

meanwhile out west


I found these photos the other day while I was searching for fellow Montana bloggers (let me tell you, we are a rare bird). Alexis Bonofogsky photographs are truly stunning and remind me of why Montana is such an amazing place.







A Gallery Wall

Lovely Wall Art

Ever since moving into our new home back in January of 2012, I've been slowly creating a gallery wall in our main living area.  A gallery wall is a mish-mash of pictures in different type frames that all are placed together into a sort of harmonious clutter.  Deciding which photos and images are worthy of the clutter is the hardest part.  I also want each print to mean something to our family.

Our current gallery wall holds a few keepsakes from places we've been.  A painting of Butte, MT, where we went to college.  A beautiful world map.  A vintage print of a horse race that I found at a local flea market.  A pair of antlers from my father-in-law.  A painting we bought while on vacation in Iceland.  And a Kevin Russ print.

If you're looking to start your own gallery wall, or add onto your current collection, check out Kevin Russ at Society6's website.  His photos are beautiful and affordable.

Window Rock Art Print 

Street Walker Stretched Canvas