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a certain je ne sais quoi


If you hadn't noticed lately, my bio has sort of disappeared on this blog. I'm working on getting another page setup with some more info on who the heck is writing all this stuff, besides the brunette with the bangs (which I no longer have, hah) on the right-hand side of the page.

Until then, and actually in addition too, here are a few more things about me that you might not know already. Pretend we all sat down to drink a glass of wine and just decided to get to know each other better.

1 >  my degree is in Geological Engineering, which <1% of the world's population has ever heard of

2 >  I have never had a cavity (thank you, genetics)

3 >  I have an almost unhealthy interest in lighting and light fixtures and I have no idea when it appeared or why

4 >  I raised baby pigs for 4H while growing up in Idaho

5 >  did I mention I grew up in Idaho (another place that <1% of the world's population has ever heard of)

6 >  my two daughters were very close to being named Cora and Everly

7 >  my husband and I met in college and I'm mildly embarrassed to say he was my first real kiss

8 >  I really enjoy working with women because I so rarely do on a day to day basis and because I get inspiration on things to wear to work besides slacks and a sweater!

9 >  I played basketball in college at a tiny NAIA school and we were mostly terrible

10 >  tiny enclosed spaces give me the willies, my mother passed on her claustrophobia to me

11 >  I've always been mildly embarrassed to tell people in my real life that I blog and I'm not 100% sure why

12 >  I know a lot about fracking and would love to talk to anyone about if they want to understand the science/engineering behind it

13 >  I almost never wear heels because I'm 6'0 already and what would be the point, really?

14 >  I never drank alcohol until I was freshman in college

15 >  I wasn't allowed to chew gum growing up, so consequently, I very rarely chew it as an adult

Alright, was that random enough for everyone? I always like to learn a little bit more about the people behind the blogs, so I thought I would share some different things about myself. Feel free to leave an interesting tidbit about yourself in the comments below!