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I just had too

I just had to share this video this morning. This is amazing because first of all, he's French, secondly, he has a CHICKEN, thirdly, he's sailing around the world!!! 

Happy Monday everyone!

a little chicken love

Okay, I'm just going to state this from the start. It's ridiculous to romanticize chickens. Who likes chickens enough to be genuinely sad that you'll be moving away from them? They are mostly brainless, salmonella-infected, feathery yard birds.  Even with all of that being said, I'm getting really sad realizing that very soon we'll be moving away from them. We named each of these little chickies, that grew up into egg laying hens. My daughter consistently picked the rooster, that we eventually had to get rid of, but even that was rather charming (sorry Olivia and Peppa).

I guess naming chickens after cartoon pigs is an bad omen.  

There is an approximately 5% chance we'll be able to keep our chickens, but I'll keep up some hope. If not, they might be staying with nanny or grandma, so we'll get to see them again. But our omelet game just won't be the same.

baby dinosaurs

Meet our new little chicks, Ms. Peppa, and Ms. Helga. These little ladies joined us a month or so ago and have already sprouted some serious feathers! They are both black and red Sex Link chickens. They are a mix between a Rhode Island Red and a Barred Rock chicken. They should be laying some brown eggs in about 5-6 months! 

Peppa is that cute little gal up on top, and Helga, well, she's the one below. She is definitely related to dinosaurs...

the taming of the chickens

Chloe is taking her feeding, watering, and training job seriously with these chickens. We have big plans to train these chickens to jump through flaming hoops, solve crossword puzzles, and not poop right where we all walk. So far we've only managed to teach them to go back into the coop and that is only successful about 49% of the time.  

It's a work in progress.

those random photos

So I'm not sure what category all these photos fit into, other than this is just what's been on my iphone lately. Life has been pretty low key and not terribly thrilling lately, so there hasn't been too much to share. The girls have been sick and I was out yesterday not feeling very well either.

The weather has been improving though. It has been sunny and 55 degrees most days and if the wind isn't blowing it's been downright glorious to be outside. The grass is still 95% brown and the trees are still ugly sticks, but I can see buds starting to blossom on the trees so my heart has been a bit happier.

The chickens have been getting out a bit more too with the weather being better. In a month or so we'll be getting some 2-3 more chicks to add to the brood. We have been running out of eggs lately, so it's totally justified (right?) to get a few more chickens. Chloe is awfully excited about it and the odds of her getting another Olivia-turned-Oliver are low (fingers crossed). Tractor Supply, the local farm and ranch store, has an Instagram account and I keep spying on different types of chickens they'll be stocking the stores with soon. Isn't this breed cool? We'll see what we end up with, but I really like that we have three different breeds, with three different egg colors. It would be nice if we could get another 2-3 different breeds in our hen house.

We installed a new swing seat for Elinor on our backyard playset. She has been loving it. Chloe also spends most of her time pushing her, so they are both entertained. Though when that gets boring, they both need pushed. It's so fun to hear them both giggling and squawking on their swings together.

Chloe also has been getting out on her bike. We actually bought that bike for her last year, but she just wasn't quite old enough to figure it out yet. This year she is a bit more coordinated and has figured out how to pedal and how to brake (and not at the same time). I'm excited for this summer when we can maybe go on little bike rides around the neighborhood. And maybe even over to the local fro-yo spot.

Well, that's all I could find to share today. Happy Super Tuesday. Regardless of your preferences or political leanings, please get out and participate in what makes the United States great (healthy political disagreements and Democracy)!