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women-owned businesses - Outdoor Voices

I'm a big fan of entrepreneurs. In another life, I would have started my own business long ago and hopefully been successful (maybe not with the first business, but definitely the last). I admire the entrepreneurial spirit. I thrive on out of the box thinking. I get excited by folks who are willing to take risks and make smart decisions. So every time I see a new business pop up that truly gets it AND it's owned by a woman, I can't help but order something and share the news. 

So today I'm sharing a new series about women-owned businesses that kick butt. There have truly been some amazing startups recently that have figured out a niche market or taken something mainstream and made it better. 

Outdoor Voices is one of those brands. Originally started by Tyler Haney in 2013, this athletic/athleisure brand has been giving Lululemon and Athleta a run for their money. Tyler is 27 years-old and has done a great job of quickly building a reputable brand. And she's from Boulder, Colorado! 

I had heard of her brand for a while and decided to try out a couple pairs of her leggings about a year go. I was really impressed with the quality and the color selection of her workout gear. My biggest complaint about workout pants is that they tend to move around as you workout and very few actually stay in place. The last thing you want to be doing while going for a run or lifting in the weight room is hiking up your pants every few minutes. I've had great success with Outdoor Voices and have been converted. Her designs are unique and fun too.

Here are a few links to her website, my favorite items, and an article or two about the company.

free the calves

Sometimes I'm just dying to wear a pair of loose fitting pants.

Just the other day I was noticing at the grocery store that it's no longer taboo to wear your workout clothes or yoga pants out in public. Even a few years ago I felt more than slightly frumpy wearing my comfy clothes out to grab a couple gallons of milk. Now it seems, more than half of the women you see out and about on a weekend are wearing some form of athletic wear. This isn't an overnight phenomenon, but I feel like the pendulum has really swung wide lately to comfortable (and tight) clothing for women.

I won't even touch on women's attire in other countries besides the United States, I know dress codes vary wildly across the world.

I'm not judging the athleisure wear trend, in fact, most of the time I fully embrace it. But sometimes I yearn for the days of loose pants. Remember how a really great pair of bootcut or trouser style jeans felt? Of course, I'm mostly being facetious, I still own all those styles of pants and wear them occasionally. These days, I tend to grab my old standbys and less the thigh-hugging, calf-strangling, belly-pinching skinny jeans of years past. I've been searching around a bit to find more comfortable options to add to my closet (including dresses!).

1. dress from Modcloth

2. boyfriend jeans from American Eagle (my go-to for cheap, good looking denim)

3. boy jeans from Madewell

4. comfy dress from Sonnet James

5. trekkie pant from Athleta

6. floral trousers from The Loft

to excelsior and beyond

We're a big fan of space travel in our house. Chloe watches a lot of Ready Jet Go on PBS and my husband works with satellites as his full-time job, so we kind of nerd out on anything space related. I spotted some really cute girls outfits at Boden recently. I was especially pleased that these were girls outfits, usually only the boys get cool science related designs. Kudos Boden!!

etsy thursday - summer linen

linen dress - linenbeeshop

linen maxi dress - camelliatune

Loose Linen jumpsuit. Light elephant grey washed  linen jumpsuit/ linen overall

linen jumpsuit - notperfectlinen


linen work coat - knockknocklinen

Bluish grey basic linen dress with elastic waistband

linen dress - notperfectlinen