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the snowy mountains

Can you believe this pretty little spot is only three hours from where we live? 

I had been itching to get another camping trip in this summer after our Montana adventure over the fourth of July. We had a really great time earlier this summer with a larger family group up in Montana and I wanted to try and go as our little family. We had about half of the gear we needed (tents, chairs, sleeping bags). But because we had always camped with a larger group that had campers and RVs, we have never had to bring food and cooking gear with us. Thankfully Chris spent a bunch of time researching and got us a cooler and stove and pots and pans and all the other little things you need to eat in the outdoors.

I bought a couple explorer kits for the kids that had various fun things to do in them. The biggest hit was a bug catching device with a little bug carrier. Chloe and Elinor had a blast running around catching various flies and bees. You can purchase one HERE if you are interested.

We went on one hike while we were up there since we only spent two nights up there. The hike started at Lake Marie and then looped up near Long Lake. It was rated as moderate, but it was totally doable for us. I think I was huffing and puffing the most with the baby on my back and the 10,000' atmosphere to breath from.

Hiking was awesome. It was so beautiful up there and even though there were lots of mosquitoes, we still had a really great time. Also both of those girls up there were super hikers.

The camping part was a little rougher. Truth be told I was ready to go home on Saturday afternoon. It was hot and Greta was super whiny and cranky. There was zero relaxation happening when all you want to do while you are camping is relax around a campfire or in your tent. Chris and I both think that next year, when she is two, will be a much better age for camping. Sleeping was also difficult because it was hot when she went to sleep at 7pm but then got progressively colder, which meant I had to continually wake her up to put on another layer of clothing or adjust her in her sleeping bag.

All in all, it was a good trip. We just learned a few things, namely don't camp with a 1-year-old if you want to relax at all.

summer storms

These photos were from back in June! Thought it was about time to share. :) 

Doesn't this picture look so peaceful?

Could you imagine that sweet little baby in that backpack screamed hysterically in her car seat for an hour before we got to the trailhead? (clenched teeth emoji)

As my husband put it, the hiking was really nice, the drive up was kind of miserable.

The moody and cloudy photos we took at the lake were definitely indicative of a storm rolling in. Ever the optimist, I was promising everyone that there was no way it could rain on us, prevailing wind direction and all that. Well, I am totally discredited as a weather forecaster because it proceeded to rain and storm on us the entire way down the trail. We made some really good time!

Hope you all have a good Wednesday!

that time the mosquitos wouldn't leave us alone

Here we are on our last hike as a family of four! 

I was hoping the high elevation (~10,000') would somehow kick me into labor, but alas, that did not happen. 

More to come on that later. :)

Instead we just dodged mosquitoes and enjoyed the cool mountain air. Though our hike was more of a meander with frequent stops, it still felt really awesome to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Also, big thanks to my husband for putting up with a 39 week pregnant lady asking to go up to elevation for a hike. I'm pretty sure my doctor wouldn't have loved the idea, but he was a trooper and hauled us all up there. 

paint mines

Today I wanted to share a few pictures from our Mother's Day weekend trip to Paint Mines Interpretative Park. I know it's more than a week late at this point, but tis the season lately on this blog of mine.

So true story, while some people thing social media is ruining the world, I actually found this park from following a photographer on Instagram. It looked like a really cool park to explore and as it turns out it was about a 2 hour drive from our house. Ordinarily that kind of driving commitment is hard to get approved in my house, but since it was Mother's Day, I won the day.

The park mainly centers around these rocks with alternating and multi-colored clay layers. As a part-time hobby geologist I really enjoyed the park but I do wish they did a bit more to explain why the layers were colored. The more science you can throw in, the better (in my opinion).

There is a loop trail system that we attempted to complete but got caught up in exploring the rocks that we abandoned the latter half of the loop.

It was a busy weekend, so getting out on the trail to start was kind of a nice way to avoid the crowds for a while. Also, there is basically no shade out there, so be aware if you aren't heat tolerant you should avoid the summer season.

Oh hey there, 30 week pregnant bump!

red rock adventures and a little announcement

Hey there! I hope you are at home enjoying your three day weekend! I have the day off of work and I'm more than happy to stay in and play today. Right now it's snowing outside and way below freezing so I have the perfect excuse.

That picture up above was taken just yesterday, when the skies were sunny and it was a balmy 65 degrees. I had checked out the weather report and knew this would be the last day of warmth and sunshine for a while, so I convinced everyone it was a great day to go for a hike. Our first hike in 2018 and probably one of the few we'll take this year.


We're expecting a new baby in the family this July! That belly isn't just the effect of too many candy hearts over Valentines Day, it's growing a new little kiddo! The girls area asking me all sorts of questions. About half of the time we talk about it, Elinor confidently tells me she is also pregnant and then sticks her belly out too. Chloe is anxious to help and has been checking frequently to see if she'll be able to hold the baby when he or she arrives. We get to find out the gender in a couple weeks and we're really amped up about it. Chris and I could never wait until the baby actually is born to find out, in fact we contemplated taking a genetics test just so we'd know a month or so early. 

So far the pregnancy has been a pretty routine one for me. Lots of sickness and exhaustion the first couple months then by about the half way mark I start to feel kind of myself again. I've even attempted to get back on my exercise routine the past couple of weeks. Every pregnancy I've had I've always told myself I was going to be one of those super fit pregnant woman. The last two I failed pretty miserably at that, so the third time's a charm maybe? My biggest accomplishment thus far has been going to the gym twice in one week. Baby steps...

So back to this hike. We took a pretty short (two mile) hike up near Boulder. It was windy but the sun was shining and lots of people were out and about enjoying the weather with us. Elinor completed this whole thing without having to be carried once. That's a big accomplishment for her and for the family. Chloe also was all jazzed up about carrying her new hiking backpack. She got it for her birthday in December and had forgotten about it until we mentioned hiking. That put an extra pep in her step and really made it a lot more fun for her.

I'll be sharing a bit more about my pregnancy as I go along this time. I was scrolling back through old blog posts and realized that I haven't shared much in the past about how it's all been going. Plus, when I'm going through something, it's nice to hear how other people deal with the same challenges. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!