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roxborough state park

Well guys, we made it to the end of the week! It's nothing but sleeping in and relaxing for the next couple days (well, if you're lucky). We will be trying to do both and probably won't really do either.

Today I wanted to share a few photos from our hike last weekend with my sister and her family. We were trying to figure out what to do together last Saturday and since my sister and I went on many a hike as small children, it's usually a go-to for a us. The kids and husbands are usually amenable and there is also usually some sort of ice cream treat at the end to keep everyone motivated.

Last weekend was no exception. After a small hike (mostly fresh air since my kids are not in the habit yet and are really pretty young), we drove over to Sonic and had some burgers and shakes. The scenery was pretty stunning, so I had to take a few photos.

cheetos and fresh air solve everything

Hello! How was your weekend?

Yesterday, after waking up from a really terrible night of sleep, I felt a real need to get out of town and into the mountains for a while. I had a rather restless night dreaming about real estate and worrying about where we were going to live in Denver, so thankfully, everyone else agreed to an adventure.

It turned into a really great day. The crisp fall air wasn't too cold and though it was cloudy most of the time, we didn't get rained on! It was our longest family hike yet. We got in a 2-hour hike with nary a whine from Chloe (she walked the whole way) and Elinor was a trooper most of the time. She doesn't love our hiking backpack that much, but frankly neither do we. It was a hand-me-down from my sister and we've used it a lot with both of our kids. However, it might be time to upgrade our hiking equipment. 

Chloe was climbing on just about every rock she could find and Elinor munched on Cheetos most of the trip. Snacks are always a good idea!

All the fall colors were amazing! I was surprised to see so many changing leaves already, but I guess it's already freezing up in the Beartooth Mountains.

*** this post was most definitely sponsored by Cheetos, even though that would have been awesome...

how to hike your way to a happy anniversary

Not many words today, just lots of pictures. I wanted to share some awesome scenery from our hike last Thursday. Chris and I celebrated our 9th anniversary (finally) and got to hike through some pretty rad mountain valleys. The only downside was that our lab, Maya, didn't quite enjoy it as much as we did. Her little paws got pretty sore about half way through. Chris had to carry her a bit. So a word of caution, if you take an inside-dog hiking, bring booties to protect their paws.

clark's fork canyon

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I know we're solidly in the week now, but I finally got some pictures together from our Sunday adventures. Chris's family invited us to go for a picnic and some ATV riding in the Clark Fork Canyon near Clark, Wyoming. I had never been there before, so it was pretty neat exploring a new place.

It was a hefty 2.5 hours from our home, which lately is much longer than Elinor can handle in a car seat. I swear flying with her is easier than driving with her. She just hates being strapped in and staying in the same place for very long. Luckily, I know this is just a phase, but it makes car rides less than enjoyable.

Once we arrived we unpacked everything and headed into the canyon on a rough two track road. My father-in-law has a Can-Am Commander, so we were able to load everybody up and our lunches and get back in farther than hiking would have allowed.

After lunch, I was able to get out and hike with Elinor while most everyone else headed out on the ATV (except for Chloe who decided to rest at camp with Grandma Nanny). The weather was perfect and Elinor decided to take a little after lunch nap in the hiking backpack. For about an hour it was blissfully quiet as I walked along with a sleeping baby on my back and gorgeous mountains all around me.

Chris joined us after a bit and we all hiked back to our picnic spot. It was a really great way to spend Mother's Day. A little bit of nature and a lot of family time was just perfect for me!

things and stuff

It's been a little while since I've shared a few pictures of our goings on and traipsing about. We've had the right mix of busy and lazy lately. Each weekend we've spent about half of it visiting family and sightseeing and the other half lounging around the house and spending time together.

A couple of weeks ago we went on a very short little hike (more like a test hike) in the mountains. I've been dying to go for a couple of months, it's just been hard to find the time. So one Saturday morning we got all packed up and headed to the mountains. Since this was our first foray as a family of four, we decided on a mini hike around a lake to see how both girls would do. We also invited Chris' little brother to join us. Of course both little ladies rocked it so we're already planning our next hike. We did discover that Elinor prefers the front pack (Baby Bjorn) and doesn't like the backpack as much. We were very glad we packed both (yay for overpacking) and that the car wasn't too far away to go back and switch.

There were loads of fish in the lake and the water was crystal clear for optimal fish viewing.

Elinor loves being outside, she had that look on her face most of the hike.

And now for the lazy parts of our weekend. And by lazy, I mean as lazy as you can be when you have a toddler who can't sit still for long and a baby who is either napping or voraciously chewing on everything. It's not like those good old days where you could watch two movies in a row on a Sunday and feel like you've full recovered from your busy week. There is none of that going on with these two little ones.

Daddy's rock! (haha, see what I did there?)

Chickens are pretty fascinating. Maybe she is telling them to get on this egg laying business...

It's been fun to watch this little girl use her imagination to come up with new games and fantastic stories. It's doubly neat because it's something we never taught her, it's just an innate ability that children have to create their own little world. Little minds are so cool!

Here's to another long and happy weekend!