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red dresses and frosty the snowman

Last night miss Elinor had her first Christmas concert. It was one of the cutest things ever. A bunch of 2, 3, and 4 year-olds singing Christmas songs on a stage is so adorable it almost brings you to tears. Or real tears if you are this wimp.

Also, I really should have some Christmas themed outfit on Greta. Instead she is wearing her dinosaur jammies...

It's fun to see Elinor come into her own. This was her very first concert and opportunity to be on stage. She has watched her old sister perform a few times, but has never done it herself. She was VERY excited to wear her new dress and tights. And funnily enough, Chloe was equally excited to sit in the audience and watch. Greta was just trying to hold it together because it was past her bedtime. 

Happy Holidays!

a festive schmorgasbord

Ready for some slightly old photos and a recap of a holiday from 10 days ago? Coming right at ya!

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. While, I could really do without the summer heat, it's still a great reminder that the country we live in is great and worth celebrating. Also, who doesn't love fireworks?! This is the first time we've been at home for the holiday since we moved back to Colorado. Usually we are camping up in the mountains in Montana with family this time of year. You can read about our adventures last year here.

So this year, instead of driving 10 hours away from my doctor and our hospital at 38 weeks pregnant, we celebrated at home. Our neighborhood has a kid parade along our main street followed up my popsicles at the community pool. It sounded like the perfect, close to home activity to celebrate the holiday.  The kiddos were encouraged to decorate their bikes.  The last time I was in Target, I tried to stock up on red, white, and blue stuff to decorate their bikes with. Also, the standard patriotic Old Navy t-shirt was almost the uniform of choice for most kids.

I think we made a pretty decent run at being patriotic for the holiday. I was even able to dig out a color appropriate shirt out of my rapidly dwindling supply of maternity clothes that still fit. My belly is definitely not fitting into all of my maternity clothes anymore. 

sidenote: still pregnant, fitting in even less clothes........

While the 'burbs get a bad rap from a lot of people (read: young people without kids), I am really starting to enjoy living here. Having young kids in a neighborhood full of other young kids and families is super nice. There are tons of walking paths and pocket parks tucked into each little neighborhood. Pretty much every night we are out taking a walk and we see lots of other families doing the same thing. The sidewalks are large enough for two bikes or two scooters and with big mature trees, we are able to enjoy the shade even if the sun is still up. 

Don't get me wrong though, if we had the choice, we'd take a little farm in Montana over the suburbs of Colorado any day. But our jobs keep us here and for now we are happy growing our little family in the 'burbs.

Speaking of growing, did you see that sidenote up there? No baby yet! My due date is tomorrow and I'm SOOO ready to meet this little one. I haven't ever gone this far in my pregnancies before and so it's all uncharted territory at this point. Also, I'm getting really sick of people trying to tell me all these things to do to start labor. Yes, I know (wink wink) what I should be doing, but medical science still doesn't understand what actually starts labor, so neither do you.

Can you tell I'm done? Haha. I apologize to anyone who has been around me for the past week or so. I have very little patience these days...

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!

happy St. Patrick's Day

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and celebrate with your favorite green-themed drink this evening!

p.s. This photo was taken by my father in the Scottish highlands, which is only a little blasphemous on this holiday, but hey, it had the right color scheme. :P

MLK and some links to start your week

First of all, happy Martin Luther King Jr. day. Despite holidays being a great excuse to take the day off or spend some time relaxing, it's also good to remember the intent behind the holiday. Now more than ever in this world, we need to practice tolerance, acceptance, and love of our fellow man. Despite someone's religion, or skin color, or who they decide to love, we all need to try and appreciate others experience and realize it's just as valuable and true as our own.

Today I wanted to share a few links from around the web that have piqued my interest or made me think about something a little deeper.

> six 30-year-old women with very different incomes on how they spend and save 

> this tweet made me laugh (your welcome, Reno 911 fans)

> interesting info on Planned Parenthood

> if you need some home design inspiration, this blog has you covered

> some of Michelle Obama's greatest moments as FLOTUS

> this gal has style for days

> some of my favorite TV shows are back

> her photography is so breathtaking

> Also, we're traveling soon for a little birthday vacation and we're super excited. I'm hoping to take lots of pictures (I've been in a lull lately) and hopefully some video.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Etsy gift guide

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And now it's time to start the holiday shopping! So while you are relaxing on the couch watching football today, you can check out these gift options for all the folks on your list and support small businesses around the world!

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For The Littles

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Here is another handy Etsy link: Etsy Editors Gift Guides