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I'd like

to be wearing this (polish / coat / top / pants / flats / earrings / lipstick)


The Fairmont San Francisco

sipping on some of this

The Fairmont Honey Saison

i'd rather be netflixing

Have you been working out this year? Or did you get a good start on like January 1st and 2nd and then took another week (or two) off?

Well, here are a few products that should kick you back into gear. Or at least, you could own them and drive by the gym on the way to get Starbucks...

work it out gym bag - after this we're getting pizza

workout bag -

i did my best sweatshirt

sweatshirt -

leggings - Anthropologie

sneakers - j.crew

t-shirt - betches

i'd like

Is it too early to be starting my Christmas list?


this marion quilted slouchy tote - Tory Burch

photo courtesy of Happily Eva After

this moto jacket from the Gap

this tippi sweater from j.crew


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