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things and stuff

Hello, friends! Aren't these trees dreamy? I'm savoring this picture while I wait until we actually get to go and see them! We have a trip planned at the end of the month to northern California. I'm super excited to take a break and get away. I think it will be nice to spend time together as a family and see something vastly different than Colorado (like the ocean and precipitation).

Last Friday I had my 20 week ultrasound. We found out we are having another girl! Also, everything looks to be growing right and she's on target for a July due date. It was very happy news. The girls came with us and were only mildly interested in all the parts and pieces of the baby. They were however very excited to hear they were getting a sister. Every doll we have in our house is a girl, so it fits right in with their view of what babies should be. Haha.

I've been struggling this pregnancy with what in the heck to wear over this growing baby bump. I've been trying Le Tote, but so far haven't been really loving the service. It's a subscription box where you get to wear 3-4 pieces of clothing for as long as you want, then you either buy them or return them for a new box. So far I haven't bought anything. I don't love their suggestions, but I'm going to try it for a while longer. The hope is I won't have to buy any more maternity clothes, I can just rent them while I need them. They also have many more clothes besides maternity. I think it might be better suited to regular clothing and not just maternity.

Anyway, I hope you are having a good week. Just wanted to check-in and say hi!

getting real about maternity leave and the year after

There is a lot of talk these days (and this election cycle) about maternity leave and the role of mothers at work. It's a tricky subject with some real polarizing views on the issue. The two nominees for president of the United States have some different views on what should be paid for and what shouldn't be paid for by the employer. 

I'm obviously a working mother, that's who I identify with and understand these issues. I'll also tell you that becoming a mother for the first or even fourth time takes a toll on you. Even if you can have your baby and go back to work at two weeks, you are not really fully back at work. You're barely getting more than 2-3 hours of continuous sleep a night. It's awfully hard to sit through a meeting when all you're thinking about is when you can get back to your office (or the bathroom) to pump. All your clothes you once wore to work don't fit. And most likely your hormones aren't allowing you to think much beyond how your baby is doing back at home.

For me, I was kind of a mess for a good 6 months at work. Then to truly get back to firing on all cylinders at work, it took about 12 months. To be honest, my worst reviews at work were always the year after I had just had a baby. You're just not all there, half of your head and your heart are at home with your little baby. Read this post I shared while I was in the thick of it here.

But after that brief period, I think that mothers (and fathers for that matter) have an amazing insight and drive at work. Knowing that you are working to take care of your children and provide a good life for them will make many a hardworking employee. Plus having children makes you change your perspective on life a little bit. 

Here is a quote from a recent Washington Post article:

"The link between women’s participation in the workforce and economic growth is well-documented: Across OECD countries, eliminating the gender gap in the labor force could increase overall GDP 12 percent by 2030."

I've talked about the importance of paid leave before, but I also want to warn new or pregnant mothers also. Somehow Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo) can run a multi-billion dollar company after two weeks off, but for me, it took a good 12 months before I was my old self again. Take the time you need to bond with your baby and try not to take new and demanding projects at work, or at home, after you have a baby.

my maternity basics

Even though this is my second go around on being pregnant, I'm still trying to figure out how to stay comfortable as I keep getting bigger and bigger by the day.  Luckily I've been pregnant both times during the winter months, so most of my clothing was able to be re-used. I also don't have to deal with hot and sticky weather conditions.  Layering up and keeping cozy are perfectly acceptable during the winter (thank goodness). Here are a few things that I added to my closet.

Maternity bottoms

1. / 2. / 3. / 4.

I was able to reuse most of my pants from the first pregnancy, so this time I really just added a few more skinny fit jeans and pants.  The Loft has a good selection of these trendier styles.  I would also recommend getting some comfy pants for lounging at home.  Remember to order up a size so that when the last month or two hit you can still wear them without being too uncomfortable.

Maternity tops

1. / 2. / 3. (similar) / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7.

Shopping for maternity tops is a tricky business.  My goal was to find things that were incredibly comfortable and could one day be reused when I wasn't pregnant.  Most of the time you can find both.  My favorite places to shop are Gap, Old Navy, The Loft, Anthropologie, and Pink Blush Maternity.  

maternity wear

So it's been almost two years since I was pregnant and I am really hoping that maternity wear has come leaps and bounds from those pre-2012 days.  It's time to start switching out my closet from barely fitting pants and shirts to real baby bump clothes.

A few blogger ladies have been sharing some of their favorite maternity clothes and how to transition some regular (looser) clothes into a full on bump parade.  I wanted to share a few things that I have found helpful and a few locations on the internet to find some good ideas and deals. 

Any suggestions you might have would be welcome!!


linen baseball tee from one of my favorite bloggers, Naomi

What I Wore, Jessica Quirk, #pregnancy, #maternitystyle, #dressthebump, @whatiwore

maternity dress from What I Wore and Asos

Tunic from Anthropologie.  Not a maternity shirt, but will definitely be a great transition piece.

And who doesn't want an amazing coat? Anthropologie