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eighteen months

Trying on mama's glasses


Chloe and her best buddy

Reading time with Dad

Goofy grins

My enthusiastic gardening buddy

My little Christmas baby will turn a year and a half tomorrow.  Eighteen months seems almost more momentous than her first birthday. Chloe is starting to potty train herself, which seems way too early for this mom.  I'm excited that we might be out of buying diapers soon, but a bit sentimental about my little girl growing up so fast.

Its been so fun to see her growth in vocabulary and mannerisms in the past few months.  She's not the most outgoing kid at the playground, preferring to scope out the scene before jumping in.  But when she's around people she knows, she's a chatterbox.  Full of all sorts of sounds and words all jumbled up together in a cute little cadence.  

> playing with water, mostly of the garden hose variety
> picking the heads off of flowers (this would be in my dislike column)
> getting out of the house and going on adventures
> reading books
> all animals, her favorites being birds and dogs
> being outside
> her blankie
> throwing a ball back and forth
> riding her 'bike' around in circles in the kitchen
> helping (at least her definition of helping)

Favorite moment recently:  Whenever she gets hurt she yells 'owie' really loudly followed by a few cries.  But if you give her a kiss on the 'owie' her cries stopped abruptly and she continues on playing or whatever she was doing.  The other day she hit her toe on a chair, sat down and kissed her own foot and got up to keep playing.  Those kisses are pretty magical stuff!