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panorama point trail

Well, I hope you all having been having a wonderful week! It's been a while since I've popped in and shared some pictures. The weeks are flying by fast lately! 

These pictures are from a little hike we took last weekend up in the mountains. I will say that hiking with a 4 and 2 year-old is not exactly what I would imagine hiking with an 10 and 8 year-old will be. I have these dreams about everyone excitedly taking off up the mountain, exchanging stories along the way, and stopping to to thank their mom for getting them out and about on regular intervals. Instead I have to make sure we have plenty of snacks to delay or stall a potential meltdown along the trail. Worry about whether the oldest will figure out how to pee in the woods this time. Try and make sure my husband's back isn't killing him carrying 35lbs on his back in a backpack that wasn't exactly meant for such a heavy payload. 

Don't get me wrong, hiking is still enjoyable, but it's not without it's stressors.

I am very thankful though that we were able to drive a little bit and get some fresh air AND that we made it to the top!

I hope you all are having a good week. We're on the downhill slide!


45.jpgAll of these photos are swiped from an incredibly talented photographer, Garret King. You can follow him on Instagram and his website is quite amazing also.

Oh, and enjoy!








Isn't have VW with a pop-top roof dreamy? I'd love to own one of those for road trips and camping trips. I've heard they are pretty expensive though...

frigid walks for french fries

On the weekends, sometimes, it's a real struggle to get out of the house. Especially on cold days where it's really easy to just sip coffee and stay in our pajamas all morning until it's lunch time (then nap time, then play time, then dinner). However, every time we do get out for a brisk walk and are able to enjoy the frequently frigid outdoors, it is always the highlight of our day.

Right before I make the decision to get everyone bundled up, I always think of this amazing article and my favorite blogger series. The short synopsis is, in Denmark and most of the other Nordic countries, it is viewed as very important and normal to take babies and children outside every day, no matter the weather. In fact babies in strollers, left outside in the winter, is a very common sight at cafes and restaurants. I definitely think it's best for everyone to get outside at least for a little while each day, and usually the more the better.

The picture above was from a walk we took to play at the local McDonald's play place on the weekend. It's actually an image from my snapchat account (find me at sportschiq), which is now my favorite app on my phone, by far.


Here is some mid-week zen for you. 

Let's all go to the mountains, shall we?

summertime hiking



Well, summer is here!  The snow is melting in the mountains and the hiking paths are opening up.  This past weekend we traveled up some 4x4 only roads (thank you Subaru) to visit some friends who were camping up in the mountains above Denver.  We are still a little scared of camping with a toddler, so we just decided to spend the day there hiking and visiting.  It was a pretty awesome day.

Chloe had fun playing in the dirt and being out in nature.  My lovely husband carried her in a hiking pack and we were able to do a little hiking.  Now that she's bordering on 25 lbs, we probably need to upgrade to a better backpack. This hand-me-down pack has been awesome, but it's not cutting it as she gets bigger.

 Here's our family photo of the day: