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Chloe does sports

About a month ago I was frantically scrambling to get my kids enrolled into some kind of summer sports program. I think I had succumbed to the privileged millennial parent problem of always wanting your kids involved in everything at all times. My kids weren't signed up for anything, so I felt I was being a poor parent. 

Well, not to ruin it for you, but that was silly. 

I did manage to get Chloe signed up for a week long soccer camp and t-ball on Saturdays for the month of June and July. July is a really busy month for us, so Elinor wasn't able to get signed up for anything. As it turns out, two-year-old's basically only do dance or gymnastics in the month of July around us.

Chloe was all signed up for two new adventures, however. T-ball was a mild success. She didn't hate it. She got snacks afterwards, one of which was Gatorade (a special drink around our house). She was on a co-ed team with 90% boys, which Chris and I both loved. All in all it was a pretty good event. We both feel like it introduced sports to her and was pretty low pressure.

Chloe's next adventure was soccer camp. The program was run through Challenger Sports and was taught by some really great coaches from the UK. The weather was pretty hot that week, as you would imagine, and Chloe pretty much hated it. This was her first time kicking a soccer ball around for any length of time and it was in the sun for 2.5 hours. Our fair skinned little girl did not enjoy the heat. She did enjoy most of the games, but it might take a whole year before we try that camp again.

So the moral of this story is, don't rush to sign up your 4 year old for every sporting event offered. Provide plenty of water and Kool Ties for outdoor activities. And always provide Gatorade.

an ode to summer

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I'm hoping everyone is off enjoying family, friends, and the last weekend of Summer. I had to post a few pictures off the cutting room floor from this summer. As you can see we ate a lot of ice cream, got outside as much as we could, and thoroughly enjoyed our last summer in Montana (sniff, sniff). I'm sure we'll be back!

the dog days

Can you believe it's August already?  Where has this summer gone? I'm not a huge fan of hot weather so thankfully thus far I feel like we've slid through the summer without experiencing too many unbearable hot days! It also seems like summer itself has just slid past without much fuss.

Life with a new baby (6 months on 8/11!) is a different experience in and of itself. We tend to be homebodies and not travel much while we are balancing nap times of two little ones. Synchronized nap times are a rare event, so it tends to tie up much of the day while they swap napping times. It can drive us a bit crazy to be cooped up all the time, even if all the extra family time is nice.

We have had a lot of family time lately, which also seems to be a summer tradition. My parents came to visit for a week while Chris was traveling for work. They also brought my niece, so Chloe had lots of fun palling around with her.

The following week we had my sister and her family stop in during their long trek from West Virginia to Idaho. They only stayed for a day, which is much too short, but we had a good time catching up. Then we all headed to Idaho for a short little weekend visit.

To be completely honest, the 5 hour drive there was a bit of a poop show (though not literally, thankfully). Our two little ones are not used to long car rides and Elinor has a real grudge against her car seat. We all survived though and had a good time relaxing with my sisters, Chloe and Elinor's cousins, and my parents on the farm.

Chloe learning to ride bareback

Elinor got in on the horsey action too, though she wasn't always quite sure about him

riding on a four wheeler with Mom

Chloe had loads of fun following these two, cooler-than-cool cousins around

My mother's birthday was the very next week, so we celebrated a bit early with fish tacos and a festive birthday cake. Full family photos are a pretty rare event, hence my sister told everyone to get ready and put on a smile because we were going to memorialize this visit with a photo. Since my three brothers weren't able to make the trip it ended being just us girls.

And in other news (sorry for the photo overload), Elinor has started to roll over!  Her favorite time to roll over is in the middle of the night, unfortunately. It's totally cute to find her with a big grin on her face smiling up at me at night, but also more than a little annoying. She is also doing a pretty awesome job of sitting up. She can only hold it for about 5 seconds before she topples over or backwards, but those 5 seconds are totally epic.

Here's to a few more weeks of lazy summer days! Soak them up while you can!

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look what I found

While we are busying with packing, buying a house, trying to sell our house, and the general upheaval of life lately, I found a CD of photos that I had forgotten to share!  This summer we went and visited my in-laws in Montana and took some family photos.  It's always fun to get dressed up and have some photos to share and put up on the wall (wherever that wall might end up being).

My husband used to ride this little tractor when he was a kid.

What a bunch of goofballs, am I right?