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Dailey Lake

I love this photo. I mean, my husband and his step-dad acting like muscle-y goofballs at the beach. It can't really get more entertaining than that.

Last weekend during our camping trip we spent a few hours at Dailey Lake. A beautiful lake just outside Yellowstone Park. We had two paddle boards and a couple little boats to play in for a while until the afternoon thunderstorms rolled in. The twin babies got to go out with their Nana and my girls spent time on the water too!

I do wish I had brought life jackets for both of them, but we all ended up staying above the water, so that's good!!

swimming suit season

Well it's that time of year again. The sun is out, it's warming up, and the kiddos are ready to get into the pool!

After just having a baby a couple of months ago, I'm a little anxious about putting on anything remotely skimpy.  So this year I am gravitating towards more one pieces and cover-ups. Plus, how adorable is this lady (and her little man) in her swimsuit?


Thank you Taza for showing the world that you can be cute and covered up! Her swimsuit is currently sold out and kind of pricey.  But, here are a few cute suits I've found that are available and affordable.

striped suit - Lands End

ruffle strap one piece - Victoria's Secret