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the update

Hey, good morning! How are you?

Thanks for joining me!

Sorry I've been a little MIA lately. Work has been super crazy and I swear I was sick more than I was healthy in January. I did actually write a draft post about how crappy being a working mom was, but I decided not to publish it. It was a bit self-indulgent and who really wants to read about someone complaining? Not me!

I did want to share that I've been on track with my 2019 resolutions. The most important one was about not buying any new clothes this year. So far so good! I think for me it has been a lesson in managing stressful situations. I think I was using buying new things as a way to make me happy when life was getting too overwhelming. So, now when I get that urge I am able to recognize it and then think about why I feel that way.

I've definitely have had to reevaluate my existing clothes, especially ones that are starting to wear out. I bought some patches the other day and I'm going to see if it's possible to patch leggings. I predict an epic failure, but it's worth a shot.

I honestly don't know if I'll make it 12 months, mostly for practical purposes. But I am learning things about myself and definitely trying to consume less.

Eating healthy is a win most days and an epic failure other days. Chris has been on a Zone diet eating challenge at his gym, so we've been eating more vegetables as a family. Also, we've just been trying to vary our vegetables a lot more. As it turns out, I really like roasted broccoli. Who knew?!

Working out has been a joke. I've been having issues with my knee, so I haven't really been able to do much. I've tried to run a few times, but I just end up having a really swollen knee for about a week. I swear to god, 35 hit me like a brick wall. Or maybe it was the third kid? I'm not sure. Either way, my body seems to have given up.

Well, there's the update. I plan to keep you updated as the year progresses. I should plan a big reward at the end of the year if I make it. I'll need to think about that...

simple joys

Happy Friday everyone! The week is finally over. This was one of those weeks where it was so full of activity that it seemed to fly by. 

One minor accomplishment for me this week was that I was able to go to my favorite gym class (twice actually). Consequently I can barely walk, but it feels REALLY nice to get back to things that I love.

Last weekend when I was having a particularly harrowing experience with three small children, I wrote down a list of things that bring me joy. I wanted to refocus my attitude on the simple, good things in life, and stop stressing and complaining about the annoyances of life. I was trying to write down the little joys as well as the big ones. Well, working out was definitely on my short list. 

So this week I decided to get over my fear of not being in shape enough. I'm never going to be 100% ready to do something, so I might as well just go in, be a mess, and try as hard as I can. Basically, I was going to ignore my self consciousness and just get out there.

And surprise, surprise, I was able to do a lot more than I thought I could. I also got some kudos for being back at it only 4 months after having a baby. Which gave me a little perspective that I probably really needed.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

life lately

Well, life changed pretty dramatically about 6 weeks ago. We went from a family of four to a family of five. Newborns do a pretty great job of turning your life upside down for a while. Days go by quickly and nights slow down dramatically. 

Shortly after we got home and settled in with Greta, Chloe and Elinor started school! Chloe started Kindergarten and has been really enjoying it. She got her first piece of homework yesterday and was all atwitter all evening about it. She is making lots of new friends and has been getting lots of good feedback on how polite and nice she is to everyone (parenting win). 

Elinor started pre-school and though she's been sick a fair bit, she also settled in really quickly. Both Chris and I were anticipating lots of tears on her first day (like her older sister), but she basically just said "Bye!" and went off with her teacher. It always amazes me how different Chloe and Elinor are. It's fun to see them turn into their own different little people.

Greta is growing like a weed. She's very good at sleeping during the day, but at night she's been a bit of a pill lately. I was trying to remember when Chloe and Elinor started sleeping through the night the other day. I think I've still got a couple months before I can truly get a good nights rest. At least, I am hoping so. It's really amazing how a person can function on basically no sleep (aka coffee). 

Last weekend we took a little trip to Idaho to visit my parents and family. We got to meet my brother's wife, which we were all very excited to do. He got married in June and since I was too pregnant to fly, we weren't able to attend the wedding. I was very sad we weren't able to attend, so I was really looking forward to meeting her. We all really loved her and we're super excited to have another member of our family! Good work Jaime!

Visiting Idaho in late August is almost the perfect time of year. It's cool in the morning and just the right temperature in the afternoon. We were also able to attend the Eastern Idaho State Fair, which is one of my favorite late summer activities. The last time we were able to go was when Elinor was a baby (link here). Chloe and Elinor got to go on some rides and spent a lot of time hanging with their aunts and uncles. Greta slept almost the entire time, so that was also nice.

Looking back, I realized that there was no way I would have traveled with a 5 week old in the past. This time though, I didn't even think twice. Once we actually arrived at the airport I got a little more nervous, but Greta was pretty great for the most part. There was a bit of crying on each flight, but only for a minute or two, then she slept. I am still surprised at how we are handling this three kids thing so well. I definitely have my moments where I am struggling, but thankfully those don't happen too often. I also really hope I didn't just jinx us by writing that!

I just read this blog post from Anna about whether having 5 kids is hard and it really made a lot of sense to me. While I do not want to have 5 kids, I do think no matter how many you have, you will always pour your heart and soul into raising them. It's worth a read if you are into that sort of thing.

I hope you are having a good Thursday! See you around!

breast pumps and happy Danes

Happy (almost) weekend! I'm in a slow slide into the a long holiday weekend today. 

This week I've finally started baby prepping. I feel really behind the ball lately on this third kid, but this was the week to make some progress. I finally ordered a new breast pump through my insurance company. I was able to use the same Medela model for both Chloe and Elinor (20 months of pumping, up to four times a day). The pump eventually gave up at the end with Elinor so this time around I needed a new one. Which, if you haven't read much about it, the basic technology of breast pumps hasn't progressed much AT ALL throughout history. But thankfully, because of the Affordable Care Act, breast pumps are now subsidized by the federal government. As with all things however, they will only buy you the most basic/crude device on the market. I'm thankful I have a good enough job that paying a little extra to get what I actually need isn't a problem. However, for most folks out there, spending an extra $200 is nearly impossible.

I read The Year of Living Danishly earlier this year and learned a lot of about subsidized medicine and childcare. While the book was sometimes a little slow, it did give a good argument for why the Danes are consistently some of the happiest people in the world. Taking care of your citizens health and helping families makes people happier and seemingly willing to pay the crazy high tax rates. 

FYI, I am documenting all the books I'm reading in 2018 over on my Instagram account. It's been great for me to remember what I read (haha) and also gets me to read more than usual. We'll see if I hit my goal of 21 books this year... Having a tiny infant might slow me down a bit in the latter half of the year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

everything's in bloom

Happy Friday everyone! We made it! 

Has anyone else been really enjoying the spring weather lately? I feel like everything is in bloom (the trees, the flowers, my baby bump). Last night we went for a walk, even though I was more than ready to lay on the couch, and it was magical outside. It was warm and green, breezy and beautiful in our neighborhood.

Chloe has recently learned how to ride her bike and we had to take a few turns down our neighborhood drive last night. Chris was at a work event and so it was just me, running beside her as she got started and nervously watching as she figured out how to brake. Thank god she got the braking part down because I couldn't keep up with her. I'm sure it was quite comical to watch a 7 month pregnant lady huffing and puffing behind her daughter down the road.

This spring Elinor has also recently gotten good at her bicycle. Last summer she couldn't quite figure out the peddling part, now she's tearing down the sidewalk with her training wheels. Unfortunately we've been working so much with Chloe that we haven't had a lot of time to take her on her bike at a slightly slower pace.

It's so hard to strike a perfect balance of time and attention with each kid. I worry a lot that Elinor gets left behind as Chloe gains a new ability or skill. It makes me nervous to add a third kid into the mix! I know we'll figure it out, because, well, we have too. Also, Elinor does pretty well at keeping up with her sister and adding an extra layer of sass to everything she does.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Sunday is Mother's Day. In a surprising turn of events, my mother already has her Mother's Day gift. I actually got my act together early this year and didn't have to pay extra to ship something overnight. That's a big win for me.

Don't forget to give your mama a hug or call her up and tell her she's awesome!