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three up, two down

One. This weekend was a pretty great one, despite the temperatures being WAY out of my preferred 55 degrees Fahrenheit range. It was mid-90s here in Denver and while we did spend a lot of time in the AC, we did get out a bit also.

Saturday morning I attended a baby shower for the newest addition to our family. I had always thought that only the oldest kid got a baby shower and all of the rest of the babies were welcomed with about half the fanfare. Well, my wonderful friend decided to throw a baby shower anyway. It was sweet and thoughtful and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. 

I wrote a bit about it on Instagram, but friendship can be such a hard thing when you get older and busier. It's truly one of the best things about moving back to Colorado. These ladies get me and all my weirdness. 

Two. Holy cow, it's been hot. Have I mentioned that? Also, who's great idea was it to get pregnant and have a baby in the summertime? Oh yeah, that was my idea... The heat has been no joke. Also, as as a result of the heat, my poor swollen ankles!!

Also, yes, it's totally weird to take a picture of yourself in the glass of an office building. I'm pretty sure whoever inside is also wondering what the hell I'm up too. But hey, that's what my 35 week baby belly looks like!

Three. Rugby is an awesome sport. 

Chris and I went to a Rugby match on Saturday. USA vs. Russia. It was a really fun event to go to and we had some good seats to watch these massive guys duke it out. Also, USA won by a massive margin. 62-13. Go USA!!

Four. What in the world is happening these days? Anthony Bourdain?! We're in a tiff with Canada over tariffs? Kate Spade

Five. I'm 4 weeks out from having a new baby girl! I am getting a bit more freaked out about the actual delivery process, truth be told. I'm attempting a VBAC this time and while my chance of success is roughly 65%, I have no illusions that I have any control over the process once it all starts. After two unplanned c-sections, I am just going to let the doctors do what they need to do when the time comes. 

This weekend we put the girls into one room together and turned Elinor's room back into a baby's room. The crib is up. The first coat of yellow paint is on the dresser. The car seat is getting cleaned out and spiffed up again. The baby clothes have been sorted and are waiting to be washed. It's all happening!!

Let me know if there are any baby products I absolutely need to buy this time around. I feel like I'm out of the baby gear loop. There is always some new product showing up and I haven't had a baby in a few years! Comment below!

three up, two down

Here's the latest installment of my series called three up, two down. I'm want to share three awesome things that have been going on lately and two not so awesome things. The point being, even if life seems hard, there is always one more thing you can think of that is good in your life.

> Snow! Winter! Sweaters! Boots! Yeah, I'm one of those who really like the winter season (well, at least until about February, then I'm done). I heard that Billings got 6" of snow the other day and I was really sad to have missed it. Denver is great, but big snowstorms don't happen too often.

> The news cycle is really dragging me down. I have this fantasy of deleting all the news apps from my phone and living in my own bubble of innocence. It's just so frustrating that terrible things happen and I hear all about it but there is nothing I can do. So is retreating into my own cocoon the solution? Controlling what little I can control by raising good humans and treating others with kindness and respect? Doing good acts? It's obviously a deeper question, but maybe disconnecting from the various horrors of the world is a good first step.

> The holiday season is fast approaching. Thanksgiving is just one of the best holidays we celebrate all year. Turkey, football, and family, can't really beat that combination!

> Some news on the home front: our house is still a construction zone. After returning home from vacation to major water damage, we are still dealing with a torn up kitchen 3 months later. I do try and keep my inconveniences in perspective, but having our kitchen floor an active construction zone for months on end is frustrating. My hope is that it's all done by Christmas (keeping expectations low).

> How about that last election huh? Congrats to Danica Roem on winning a seat in Virginia's state legislature and becoming the first openly transgender candidate to win an elected office! This is a tiny, little victory in the grand scheme of things. But every step we make towards being inclusive of all people in this country, the better. Also, hear hear to Helena, Montana for electing a Liberian refugee as their mayor!

three up, two down

In the time honored tradition of three up/two down (okay, so I've only done this once before), I'm going to share three awesome things that have been going on lately and two not so awesome things. The point being, even if life seems hard, there is always one more thing you can think of that is good in your life.

> Hey, it's Spring!! The trees are flowering, tulips are opening, the grass is growing, and the outside grills are all getting used again! Spring has been a welcome sight around our neighborhood. We moved into our house in November, so I'm not really sure what our neighborhood looks like with green trees and mowed yards. I'm not even really sure what is a weed and what is a real plant in our yard. There are three new trees in the front of our house that were just planted last summer by the previous owners and they seemed to have weathered the winter just fine. I love trees, and the more the merrier, so I'm pretty happy about that.

> Everyone has been sharing pictures of baby chicks with me. My in-laws just got a bunch of chicks and a few little ducklings and I get updates on them all the time. While they are super adorable, it's hard to see everyone's little chicks! It makes me miss our little flock and how much silly enjoyment we used to get out of them. Chloe has been sad about it too, I have to keep telling her that we will have chickens again some day. Just not where we live right now.

> We are deep into potty training Elinor right now. Which in all reality, we should have done about 4 months ago. She has been ready for a while, we just needed time to dedicate to watching and helping her. She is actually doing very well. We are easing into it, but she has been a willing participant, so that's all you can really ask for. Also, chewy fruit snacks seem to be helping. :)

> I'm a person who needs something to look forward too. An event, a vacation, a visit from family, a date night with my husband, etc. Lately, we've been trying to plan a family vacation for later in the summer, but we are still unsure on whether we'll be able to go. I'm anxious to get that all settled and decided so that I can really start counting down the days. Luckily though, we've lately had a lot of visits from family to liven up our weekends, AND push me to finish some of my house projects.

> I finally finished (well 95%) painting in our guest room. It's looking pretty amazing, if you ask me. I plan on taking some photos of the room this weekend and showing you a before and after. I lightened up the walls and added some more art/vintage pieces to the room. It definitely has a 'Country Home' sort of feel and I'm really digging it. The joy I get out of designing a room is kind of crazy. In another life I would have been an interior designer.

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!!

three up, two down

Instead of rambling on about how things are going lately, I thought I would organize it a bit. Much like sharing the good and the bad of your day, I thought I would share two good things and two bad things that have been happening lately, followed up by one more good thing. It's always good to end on a bright note, right?

> Merry freaking Christmas! And Happy Holidays!!! I'm about to take off nine days in a row from work and spend some time with loved ones. We'll also be getting our dog back, who we've missed so much! She's been staying with family in Montana until we were ready to bring her to our new house. We still don't have a fenced yard for her, but we will soon.

> I've been unpacking and getting things organized at the new house. There is still some extra clutter, but every evening I make a little progress. Things are getting fixed and lights are getting installed thanks to my handy-man husband. It's still a bit discouraging though to find even more things we need to fix, and trying to do it all ourselves sometimes means things take longer than they otherwise would. There is something gratifying about doing a good job yourself, however.

> Little corners of the house are getting styled as I go along. The guest bedroom might still have three boxes that need to be unpacked and stuff stacked on the bed, but doesn't that arrow look great right there? :)

> I'd like to lodge a formal complaint against traffic. Like all traffic. Can everyone please go home on a staggered schedule so that everyone isn't rushing home at 5pm? Wouldn't that be ingenious? Maybe just break the city up into quarters and have a rolling time-out clock. Or maybe just have a much more efficient (and easy to navigate) mass transit system. It's possible, I know it is!

> Chloe started preschool today. I'm anxious to hear all about it. It's a new preschool with a slightly different system than what she is used too. Navigating the education system is going to be an interesting journey, I can tell already. It's hard not to think that each little decision won't possibly affect her future growth and achievement. I know that you don't have to go to the very best schools to turn out very successful. My whole family is very well educated and most of us went to tiny little schools in a small town. Work ethic means a lot more than what kind of degree you get (in most cases). So here's to new beginnings!

Elinor is also doing very, very well. She's gotten a huge vocabulary all of the sudden. Talking about all sorts of things that I didn't really know she knew about. It's been really fun to watch her grow up, seemingly overnight.

They both seem to be adjusting well, thank goodness. The scariest part of moving was wondering how my little girls would adjust, but they always surpass my expectations.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay warm! Oh, and stop shopping, if you haven't gotten them something already, it's too late. Just give them a warm hug or a phone call.