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Do you ever have visitors come and stay at your house and just be at a total loss as what to do with them? Something fun, out of the ordinary, and enjoyable for toddlers and adults too?  Well, today I thought I'd share a few photos from our weekend adventures with our Montana family. On Saturday we went and checked out Adventure Golf and Raceway in Westminster. Saturday morning I woke up wracking my brain on what to do with family in town that would be fun for all ages. I've driven past this miniature golf course a few times and thought it might be a fun half-day adventure. And boy, was I right! We had a lot of fun! 

Chloe and Elinor had a lot of fun hitting the ball, but spent a fair amount of time just rolling their balls into the castles and traps. The weather was also pretty amazing, so we timed it just right.

After we were done with golfing and karting, we headed over to the ropes/obstacle course. I have always wanted to run through one of these ropes courses, so I was super excited about it. After the adults got done, Chloe was able to climb onto her own little kid ropes course too. I was really surprised at how adventurous and bold she was. I have never seen her get out of her element this much. She is usually a pretty cautious (first born) kind of kid. She leaves the more thrilling stuff to her little sister. Chloe surprised us all and did really, really well!

I definitely think we'll be going back here this summer. It was a pretty affordable, really fun way to spend a day with friends or family. Check it out!

go shorty

Just click on the card to go to Emily McDowell studio, one of the best places to go to find a unique and hilarious card for every occasion. And who doesn't love a good giggle?

Happy Friday everyone! We have a pretty relaxed weekend planned, a work party this evening and some house projects this weekend. We have lots of family visiting in April, so we're trying to finish up some little lingering projects. 

Hope you all have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend!

pjs and popcorn

Have you watched any good shows lately? Movies? Documentaries?

Sometimes, after the kids go to bed, all I can do is wash my face, brush my teeth, and go promptly to bed. More often than not, I do all of those things and then watch a show or two on my streaming app of choice (Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon). I wanted to share some of my favorite shows, documentaries, and movies today and hear what some of your favorites are!

> Right now I'm about four episodes into The Crown (Netflix) and I'm really enjoying it. I'm a big fan of period pieces, especially when I can learn a little bit of history along the way.

> I'm always catching up on This is Us, New Girl, Last Man on Earth, and The Good Place on Hulu. I haven't yet upgraded to commercial free, but sometimes the commercial breaks really kill me!

> Some recent shows we've watched on Netflix: Stranger Things (Aaaamazing), Narcos, Orange is the New Black, Grace and Frankie (new season debuts this week), and Parenthood (always good)

> Amazon is usually my last stop for shows since I've already gone through most my favorites. I got started watching Downton Abbey (possibility of a prequel?!) which is one of my all time favorites and quickly moved on. I also really enjoyed Transparent (just waiting on the next season). 

> Coming up this spring/summer, I'm looking forward to new seasons of Masters of None and Chelsea Handler's talk show.

I'm sure after this list, it might seem like I watch a lot of tv shows... Well, this list has taken a few years to acquire. I am rather proud that I've slowly weaned myself off of truly, trashy reality tv shows. Somehow I felt like the screaming women of Bravo were slowly ruining my moral compass. Though I do indulge from time to time. Everything in moderation, right?

Do you have any favorites? Please share!

in between the rain clouds

Gosh, isn't that girl up there the cutest?!

And in other news, we're moving this week! More on that later.

But before we left we spent a little more time in Roscoe with the family. Chloe got to ride a 4-wheeler and drive a 4-wheeler! She was over the moon happy and her dad was having giggling fits while he held onto the back of the 4-wheeler. It was pretty cute to watch.

Elinor and I did a little riding too, but she was past the point of happiness since she was trying to skip her afternoon nap. We quickly retreated indoors to snuggle with granny and let the professionals drive around the fields and hills.

Overall it was a nice weekend before the hustle of packing and driving begins.

cheetos and fresh air solve everything

Hello! How was your weekend?

Yesterday, after waking up from a really terrible night of sleep, I felt a real need to get out of town and into the mountains for a while. I had a rather restless night dreaming about real estate and worrying about where we were going to live in Denver, so thankfully, everyone else agreed to an adventure.

It turned into a really great day. The crisp fall air wasn't too cold and though it was cloudy most of the time, we didn't get rained on! It was our longest family hike yet. We got in a 2-hour hike with nary a whine from Chloe (she walked the whole way) and Elinor was a trooper most of the time. She doesn't love our hiking backpack that much, but frankly neither do we. It was a hand-me-down from my sister and we've used it a lot with both of our kids. However, it might be time to upgrade our hiking equipment. 

Chloe was climbing on just about every rock she could find and Elinor munched on Cheetos most of the trip. Snacks are always a good idea!

All the fall colors were amazing! I was surprised to see so many changing leaves already, but I guess it's already freezing up in the Beartooth Mountains.

*** this post was most definitely sponsored by Cheetos, even though that would have been awesome...