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looking back

It's that time of year again where you are encouraged to look back at the year and share your accomplishments. In the workplace, the main reason is we all need show management that we did something and therefore we deserve to keep being employed and compensated. The other reason being that it's important to celebrate successes when we as humans tend to only focus on the errors and missteps we made.

So while I am working on this for my job, I also thought it would be a great idea to really acknowledge all that happened in 2018. Here are some personal highlights of 2018.

- Greta Jo was born. Our third little girl. Completing our little family of women (sorry Chris, but not sorry because girls are awesome).

- Also I have to add in that I was pregnant this year and delivered a baby. That ish is no joke! I've also had some health problems postpartum that I am still working through. This mothering stuff is hard work and I'm proud of myself for mostly keep it together. I don't always do it well but I am always trying. I am so thankful to my husband for all that he does for our family every day also.

- Chloe started Kindergarten at a pretty great school and is rocking it. Elinor started in the fall Preschool and has already moved up a class. I am so proud to be both of their mamas!

- We traveled to northern California, Montana, Idaho, and Steamboat Springs. We saw huge trees, visited family, played in the ocean, crawled in caves, petted baby sheep, jumped on trampolines, cuddled babies, and hiked (and hiked some more).

- I took a hiatus from this blogging stuff, but I am making a comeback. I know readership basically disappears if you disappear for too long from your blog. I'm back and hopefully some of my readers have made it back also!

- I worked a full time job before and after having a baby. I provided for my family. I know everyone does this, but it's not easy. So I'm still going to count it.

- I read books. For some this sounds ridiculous, but for me, it was an accomplishment. I didn't just watch TV at night, I read something and sometimes even learned something! My goal was 21 and so far I'm at 17. Maybe I can get a few more before January 1st? Probably not.

Those are the main highlights. What are yours?

the best of 2016








Here are some of my favorite memories from 2016:

1) our chickens! We're still missing our feathery friends. 2017 might be the year of a new pet or two.

2) all the hiking trips we went on in Wyoming and Montana, the views were breathtaking and the company was pretty awesome too

3) our visit to Tippet Rise, still the coolest art museum or installation I've ever been too (sorry Louvre)

4) all of our family time with our super spread out relatives

5) exploring NYC with two little kids, the double stroller made ALL the difference

6) camping!

7) watching our two little girls grow up and become the best of buds

8) weekending in Big Sky, even though most of us were sick the entire time...

9)  getting to meet these fabulous ladies and learn more about them

and last but not least

10) getting to write this blog! Thank you so much for following along on my adventures in mothering, designing, working, and figuring it all out. I really do appreciate anyone and everyone who stops by. I thoroughly enjoy creating and sharing new content on this blog, so thanks for reading!