design for days

I just discovered Ave Styles and I'm already smitten. She's got enough design inspiration on her blog to keep me motivated at my house for the next year. Also, check out her light fixtures! You all know I'm a big fan of fun, fancy, and funky light fixtures.

Here are a few of her more beautiful shots (click the picture to go to the source page). Let me tell you, it was hard to winnow them down...

how to travel with kids without the stress

So later this week we are headed out of town for a little late birthday, mid-winter, vacation. Usually at this point in the travel prep, I'm searching the internet trying to find great ways to entertain my young children on the plane. I'm heading to the store to buy toys and candy and other patented parenting bribery. Just last spring we went on a long flight to NYC from Montana. I was mildly terrified of flying for +6 hours with two kids under the age of 4. Thankfully, even despite the fact that our flight was majorly delayed, we were able to have a pretty stress free travel day.

So how did we do that? Even when we sat on the tarmac for hours with a plane full of cranky adults and seats in coach? Let me tell you that first of all, there wasn't any magic gadgets or treats involved. The key was my husband and I both spent time playing and focusing on our kids. I do think my children are relatively easy going, so that is definitely a BIG help. But most kids can be easily entertained with playing with the SkyMall magazine for at least an hour or more if you go through it with them and play with them. As long we kept calm and interested in what they wanted to do, everyone was happy. If the parents are cool and calm and not stressed, the kids will be follow that. Having toys and books with you is always a good idea, but don't be surprised if you don't need half of them if you do it right.

Take my advice for what it's worth (unsolicited and free) but you don't need to spend time individually wrapping toys for each hour of your flight. You don't need to pay money for iPad games that they'll only play once. Just be prepared to spend 95% of your time (if they are awake) playing with your kids. They love you, they want to play with you, and they might really enjoy the flight more that way.

Also, I usually get air sickness, to some degree or another. I noticed once I was fully engaged on what my kids were doing, I didn't have enough time to stress or worry about the plane falling out of the sky. I was too busy figuring out to make paper airplanes out of SkyMall pages. Win-win.

MLK and some links to start your week

First of all, happy Martin Luther King Jr. day. Despite holidays being a great excuse to take the day off or spend some time relaxing, it's also good to remember the intent behind the holiday. Now more than ever in this world, we need to practice tolerance, acceptance, and love of our fellow man. Despite someone's religion, or skin color, or who they decide to love, we all need to try and appreciate others experience and realize it's just as valuable and true as our own.

Today I wanted to share a few links from around the web that have piqued my interest or made me think about something a little deeper.

> six 30-year-old women with very different incomes on how they spend and save 

> this tweet made me laugh (your welcome, Reno 911 fans)

> interesting info on Planned Parenthood

> if you need some home design inspiration, this blog has you covered

> some of Michelle Obama's greatest moments as FLOTUS

> this gal has style for days

> some of my favorite TV shows are back

> her photography is so breathtaking

> Also, we're traveling soon for a little birthday vacation and we're super excited. I'm hoping to take lots of pictures (I've been in a lull lately) and hopefully some video.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

the best resolution sneakers for 2017

Anybody else trying to log extra time at the gym this year, or are you trying to get out a walk a bit more? Do you just like to have cute tennis shoes to wear when you have errands to run and it's too cold out for much else?

Well, here is a great list of some cute and comfortable sneakers to help you reach all of your 2017 goals. Even if the only goal you actually reach is having comfy feet all day long.

so many options

Here are some of the purchases I'm pondering for our new home. We've got a lot more square footage in this house and I'm trying to find some quality pieces to fill it up and finish it off. I've been finding lots of design inspiration from In Honor of Design, A Beautiful Mess, and SF Girl by Bay. Also, surprisingly, Amazon has been a great reference guide. Most of the time you can find what you want on there for a cheaper price and delivered quicker than other online sites. 

the best of 2016








Here are some of my favorite memories from 2016:

1) our chickens! We're still missing our feathery friends. 2017 might be the year of a new pet or two.

2) all the hiking trips we went on in Wyoming and Montana, the views were breathtaking and the company was pretty awesome too

3) our visit to Tippet Rise, still the coolest art museum or installation I've ever been too (sorry Louvre)

4) all of our family time with our super spread out relatives

5) exploring NYC with two little kids, the double stroller made ALL the difference

6) camping!

7) watching our two little girls grow up and become the best of buds

8) weekending in Big Sky, even though most of us were sick the entire time...

9)  getting to meet these fabulous ladies and learn more about them

and last but not least

10) getting to write this blog! Thank you so much for following along on my adventures in mothering, designing, working, and figuring it all out. I really do appreciate anyone and everyone who stops by. I thoroughly enjoy creating and sharing new content on this blog, so thanks for reading!

the Christmas that was

Hi! How are ya? It's been a while!!!

Happy New Year, by the way! 

But before we get to all of that, I thought I'd share a few photos from our wintery holiday vacation in Idaho with my family. It was freezing cold (actually below freezing), but very warm and cozy inside my parent's house with most of my siblings and their kids all staying under the same roof.  

It's a rather crazy tradition, really. At some point, our whole family (my parents, their six children, their significant others, and their children) can't all fit in one house anymore for the holidays. Finally this year, some of us had to stay at a hotel just to make sure everyone had a bed and a little bit of their own space. Also, somehow my parents have internet that is worse than dial-up speed, so keeping everyone entertained for days at a time is no small feat. There were definitely many crafts going on, programming questions being solved (that's my husband in his element), baking, sledding, skiing, gingerbread house making, shopping, and a fair amount of healthy discussions about politics. 

My girls had an absolute blast hanging out with their cousins. They also suited up once a day to go outside into the sub-zero temperatures and snow storms to visit the animals with my Mom. Chloe had lots of fun snuggling up to Lucky (the horse). Who, I believe, was just happy to have a warm body petting him.

We got lots of resting in and didn't think about work or working on a house for at least 7 days. That was worth all the bathroom sharing and the long drive through Wyoming.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!!