pjs and popcorn

Have you watched any good shows lately? Movies? Documentaries?

Sometimes, after the kids go to bed, all I can do is wash my face, brush my teeth, and go promptly to bed. More often than not, I do all of those things and then watch a show or two on my streaming app of choice (Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon). I wanted to share some of my favorite shows, documentaries, and movies today and hear what some of your favorites are!

> Right now I'm about four episodes into The Crown (Netflix) and I'm really enjoying it. I'm a big fan of period pieces, especially when I can learn a little bit of history along the way.

> I'm always catching up on This is Us, New Girl, Last Man on Earth, and The Good Place on Hulu. I haven't yet upgraded to commercial free, but sometimes the commercial breaks really kill me!

> Some recent shows we've watched on Netflix: Stranger Things (Aaaamazing), Narcos, Orange is the New Black, Grace and Frankie (new season debuts this week), and Parenthood (always good)

> Amazon is usually my last stop for shows since I've already gone through most my favorites. I got started watching Downton Abbey (possibility of a prequel?!) which is one of my all time favorites and quickly moved on. I also really enjoyed Transparent (just waiting on the next season). 

> Coming up this spring/summer, I'm looking forward to new seasons of Masters of None and Chelsea Handler's talk show.

I'm sure after this list, it might seem like I watch a lot of tv shows... Well, this list has taken a few years to acquire. I am rather proud that I've slowly weaned myself off of truly, trashy reality tv shows. Somehow I felt like the screaming women of Bravo were slowly ruining my moral compass. Though I do indulge from time to time. Everything in moderation, right?

Do you have any favorites? Please share!

things and stuff

Happy Monday (as if a thing really existed, but ya know, it's the thought that counts).

This week's a weird one for me. I've put in my two weeks notice at my current company and will be switching jobs in April. We're also having some childcare issues, so life is going through some change right now. At least I can safely say we aren't moving again, so yay for that! One thing can be constant!

My old Denver Homies book club is trying to get started again. I am hosting our first get together so I need to get on this book selection process. My favorite part of being in a book club is getting to read really good books that I wouldn't have normally picked out myself. Oh, and the wine and girl talk, of course. Since I'm the first host, I have a little extra pressure to pick a good book. Any suggestions? I'll be scouring the bestsellers list shortly, but let me know if you know of any worthy reads!

This weekend we finalized our summer travel plans. We currently are deep in the midst of planning our first overseas trip with our whole family. And by whole family, I mean 12 of us, including my parents, two brothers, my sister, and their families. We will definitely be renting those big passenger vans for our trip (or two). I think the plan is to fly into Amsterdam and explore from there. I have only been to France so far so I am really excited to explore more of Europe. I'm mildly terrified of bringing my two small children on long flights and dealing with time changes, but I think it will be wonderful for them too.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Cheers to another week and being a feminist. :)

happy St. Patrick's Day

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and celebrate with your favorite green-themed drink this evening!

p.s. This photo was taken by my father in the Scottish highlands, which is only a little blasphemous on this holiday, but hey, it had the right color scheme. :P

chalk art by Lilly and Val from Etsy

Who doesn't need a cute print for their kitchen, guest bedroom, or living room? Especially when they are original, quirky, and full of good messages. Thank you, Valerie (of LilyandVal), for sharing your talents with us!


My brother always tells this story. One day in his college math class (Calculus, Differential Equations, I'm not sure which), the professor told the class that anyone who could recite the number Pi out to him to 20 significant figures would get an automatic A for the semester. As you would imagine, no one in the class could accomplish such a feat. Ever since that day, my brother, who has a head for numbers, decided to memorize Pi out to 20 digits, ya know, just in case.

That same story was told at a family gathering a few years ago and my husband picked right up on it. He also has a head for numbers and a competitive spirit, so he's since spent some time memorizing Pi out to an insane significant figure count. All I can usually get to is 3.14159 and that really is about all I think I'll need in my life.

All of this to say, happy Pi day!!

around our house lately

Here are a few photos of our new house so far. We moved into our home in November and I'm going on two months of painting at this point. So far I've painted two bathrooms (master and guest) and our master bedroom and done some touch-ups. These rooms were first on the list because they were painted a very dark grey or black. Our master bathroom gave me the heeby-jeebies after a while and I had to paint the dungeon vibe out of the place. 

This is a corner of our master bathroom above our tub. I'm in love with the light fixture we put in (find it at Lowes) and all the light this room gets. The print hanging on the wall is one of my new favorites. Find it here and support the ACLU with your purchase! Paint color is Bohemian Lace by Sherwin Williams.

I've been in the market for a Moroccan pouf for quite some time now. Our old ottoman was falling apart and we needed an upgrade. I was hesitant at first because it seems like a lot of online reviews mentioned a possible smell issue with these poufs. I couldn't be happier with our pouf (via Wayfair) and it's now one of my favorite things in our house.

My initial plan in this room was to paint the walls white (as you can see it's my go-to wall color these days). After a few weeks in the house, all I wanted to do was just put my books away and get things organized, so painting would have to wait. Slowly this dark color has grown on me so it might just stay this color for a while.

This is a scene from our entryway. I really love having the Amerian Flag hanging up there and am proud to show it off in our home.

what to wear this week

1. lady jacket with liberty trim, j.crew (on sale!)
2. sonix iphone 7 case, Madewell
3. the human woman cotton muscle tank, Everlane (for every purchase, Everlane will donate $5 to equalitynow.org)
5. skimmer jeans, White House Black Market 
6. elsie suede d'Orsay pumps, j.crew (on sale!)

happy international women's day

Happy International Women's day! I'm at work today, though I tip my hat to all the women taking today off to show what a day without women would be like. Here are a few videos and links that are interesting, motivational, and totally appropriate on a day like today.

> 10 landmark cases that the Supreme Court have ruled on that have changed women's rights throughout history

> after Hidden Figures, new program seeks to flood aerospace industry with women

> what you should know about International Women's Day