the best time to start a diet

For some reason, I am always trying to start a diet the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's that time of year when you know you are overindulging and so does your scale. It's a little joke I play on myself because we all know the holidays are the worst time to have any self control. Food and drink are plentiful and it's a basic requirement of any holiday party to 'Eat, Drink, and be Merry'. 

But here I am again. Are you there too? Can we do it for real this time and not have regrets (and extra lbs) to start off the near year? 

happy 6th birthday

We have a 6 year old in our house today! Happy birthday Chloe!

Today I signed you up for Science Club and dropped you off to school with tiny dinosaurs as presents for your classmates. You are the coolest 6 year old I know! I'm so excited to see where you are going and what adventures you will lead. Love you heaps.

money matters

So, I have a confession to make. I really like finance and business articles. I'm also really interested in investing and particularly how it is a very gendered topic. A couple years ago I read the book, Own It, by Sallie Krawcheck. She was an equity analyst on Wall Street and eventually became one of the most senior women on Wall Street. She now runs Ellevest and digital investment platform built specifically for women.

The book, Own It, did a really great job of telling the story of why women (and diversity in general) are so powerful and useful in the workplace. She also talks a lot about how women should invest more. Women consistently outperform men when they do invest. However, they make less money than men do, tend to keep their savings in cash, and avoid the stock market or mutual funds. Women tend to be more risk averse in general and especially when it comes to money. This can be disastrous when it comes time to retire or when your spouse dies.

Yesterday I took this quiz. National Financial Capability Study. It was surprising (but also not) that on average, men answer 3.5 questions correctly (out of 6 total) compared to 2.9 for women. However, women answer fewer questions incorrectly because they are more likely than men to respond that they don’t know the answer.

Take the quiz. Tell me what you think. Did you do better than you thought? Worse? 

"Don't buy so much."

Does anyone else find following the latest trends exhausting? I am sure this all comes with age. As you get older and wiser you realize that trends come and go, but style and confidence never do?

Maybe I'm just regurgitating something I read once. I know for a fact I will never be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg with a grey t-shirt every day. I work in an office setting and being presentable and work appropriate is important for your overall credibility. I used to work with a geologist who would wear sneakers and a hoodie to work every day. It was not necessarily a clean hoodie either. My favorite joke was that we should all pitch in and get him a Slanket to wear to work. He wasn't exactly opposed to that idea.

So, though I can afford to buy the occasional clothing item I've been obsessing over. And I'm also in general, a person who loves fashion. I've been trying to slow my roll a bit on buying all the trendy things.

For instance I saw some leopard print booties and started planning outfits that would go with it. I then took a minute and thought, realistically, how many times I would wear them? They wouldn't be worn in the summer. They don't go as easily with every outfit like a black or brown short boot would. Also, the pair I was looking at was well over $100.

Now why would I do that?

Okay, deep thoughts for your Monday. :)

Here is a little article explaining what actually happens to your donated clothing. HERE.