nursery tour

Today I'd like to share a few pictures from our nursery.  To be honest, most of this all came together in the past month after we returned from our Christmas trip.  I had, of course, been thinking about this room and how I was going to decorate since we moved into our new home.  This actual room was originally slated to be the guest room, but I decided I loved the windows and lighting so much that we had to move the queen size bed and dressers out (thanks husband) and move the crib in. These windows will get the morning light and I can imagine spending many hours nursing in the little rocker we have set up near the window.

I had originally planned on painting the walls or at least one wall a fun bright color.  However due to my husband hating painting and I not wanting to paint while pregnant, I decided to leave the calm creme that was originally on the walls.  Chloe's room is still an appalling purple color that will have to be fixed, possibly while I'm on leave from work...

Back to the babies room.  I steered clear of an actual theme this time around and just added things that I love (ie, color, pattern, and animals).  

This is the a picture of the crib that my mother made.  She is an amazing wood worker and we're so spoiled that she can make pretty much anything you ask of her.  The quality is also always impeccable. This is the same crib that Chloe used and that her cousins have used from time to time over the years also.

I decided to leave the baby monitor on the wall, because we all like a little realism in our photos, right?

Oh, and did I mention my mother is also pretty great at carving too?  This little rocking horse was made by hand.  I hope that my daughters get her ability and talent, since I'm pretty sure it skipped a generation...

My mom's latest and greatest piece is this adorable white dresser.  I was coveting a similar one on Pottery Barn's website, but she offered to make the same one for the babies room.  She is also working on making a copy cat for Chloe's room.  So one day, if they both end up in the same room, their dressers will match.

Also note that you can see into Chloe's room from this picture.  See what I mean about those purple walls??

This amazing light fixture is from Lowe's.  It was pretty easy to install (thanks hubby, again) and it throws some fun shadows on the wall at night.  For instance...

This is a slightly older photo, (that framed picture has since been hung up) but this is the other corner of the room.

Now we just need this baby to show up!